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  1. trapland

    Please show me your fiddlebacks.

    I’ve seen a couple of stellar fiddlebacks, but not too many. Can I see yours?
  2. trapland

    Bigger font?

    Not sure if this is the place? Just recently the MLPF is displayed with a microscopic font size. I use an updated iPad for browsing. I only have the micro-font issue here. Does anyone know of a setting within the forum to return the font size to the original from a week or so ago? Thanks
  3. trapland

    Need pickup rings to match cream on zebra set.

    i have an R8 with tho Gawd-aweful pink rings. I know Gibson thinks they’re more accurate, whatever. I want rings that match the white bobbins on my zebra Custombuckers. I don’t really care about correct mold numbers and stuff, I just want the color match. Amy ideas?
  4. trapland

    NGD: 2015 model of a 2014 spec of a 1958 LesPaul.

    Here’s my new R8, it’s in red light sometimes. The other photo with 2 guitars shows it on the left with my r9 on the right, the r8 has a smaller neck than the r9. Weird. The flecks got me. I’ll try to get some daylight shots. These such
  5. trapland

    MHS pickups review.

    I’m not going to say Gibson pickups are good or bad because people like what they like. There does seem to be little review of these even though they have been out at least 5 years. I’m just going to say that of all the Gibson Humbuckers I’ve tried, they are way way in last place for what I’m...
  6. trapland

    I love Klusons. Are there any low ratio Grovers?

    There are many things I like about klusons. The light weight, the look but most importantly I really prefer a low turn ratio. I’m not sure if vintage style klusons are 12 or 14 to one but I think they tune fast. The reason I don’t like Grovers is why most people DO. I don’t care for Grover...
  7. trapland

    I need generalities please.

    So I’m trying to get a pair of,pickups that I own rewound to sound like 57 classics. Due to my limited exposure to 57 classics of owning just three piar, I wan to make sure I get this right. I love what I have but need them to other guitars. I’ve heard 2 winders ideas of a neck pickup that...
  8. trapland

    NGD: NOS 2014 R7 Gloss. What's up with yellow dye?

    Hey everyone. I just got a new R7 goldtop. It is one of the most perfectly built Les Paul's I have ever seen, let alone owned. The finish is perfect, the binding is perfect, the tone is perfect. I'm used to Rs having some "hand made" qualities to them such as orange peel beside the high...
  9. trapland

    Why so bright? Why less bass?

    Im trying to figure out this one Les Paul sounds so much different than any and all others Imown or have owned. In the interest of streamlining this, i am going to try to ONLY list pertinent information so as to avoid as many "try my favorite recipe" type responses. This one LP Standard is a...
  10. trapland

    Catalinbread rocks!

    I hate pedals. I use a few, mostly to emulate time based and modulation stuff from Zeppelin, never for foundation dirt. I have been trying to get the early Zeppelin plate reverb sound into the FRONT of my NMV Marshall for years. Then I heard the Catalinbread Talisman. It's the perfect...
  11. trapland

    Gibson is making double creams again!

    Here is a link to a Memphis ES Les Paul with MHS double cream pickups. These are NOT Dimarzios installed by Gibson, they are GIBSON double creams. Now I can't swear the dealer didn't order the guitar with covered double creams and take them off, but I really doubt Gibson would screw with it...
  12. trapland

    NGD; HISTORIC ES-175 natural 1959 reissue

    I know it's not a Les Paul but the box it came in says it's a historic 1959 reissue ES-175. It's my first 175 and I'm pretty stoked so I have to share. Dealer pic for now.
  13. trapland

    NGD: New ES-175 1959 Historic reissue VOS natural

    I thought it wouldn't come when the ups driver stopped and said its supposed to be on the truck but he couldn't find it. An hour later it was at my door. Whew! Overall it's a striking instrument. On a quick look you'd be hard pressed to tell its NOT a vintage instrument. The pickups are...
  14. trapland

    Least descriptive tone descriptors.

    Hopefully this can be fun and not a pissing match. I love a good adjective, I love to use interesting ways to describe things, especially across senses. Apparently flavor and sound both draw strong opinions. Here's what wine people say about how to describe wine...
  15. trapland

    Covers aging nicely.

    These are 2 weeks old. They started as new nickel. As this R9 was factory aged, new pickups looked wrong. Many hours of playing and a tiny bit of help got them here quickly.
  16. trapland

    Got my Electric City Pickups ECP Electric Flag RD-59LW Low Winds today.

    I couldn't decide, then talked to Bill at ECP and knew whatever I ordered would be good. First these pickups came with the unaged nickel covers. I figured if it took too long for my natural aging, I could always hurry it up later. I also,want the bobbins to show some wear and tear so I took...
  17. trapland

    Jimmy Page double cream bridge 1975?

    I though the general consensus was that JPP changed his number one LP double cream PAF to a chrome, then uncovered double black T-Top around 1973. Also his number 2 always had a double black in the bridge. I just watched a concert claimed to be May. 24, 1975 at Earls Court where at about the...
  18. trapland

    G-1275 pickup magnets different polarity discovered.

    Hopefully my discovery will save someone some aggravation some day. I hated the hot muddy tone of the stock pickups in my Epiphone G-1275 double neck SG. I decided to experiment with magnets. As I discovered by accident and having to test the other neck I wasn't working on, the magnets are...
  19. trapland

    100 posts a day for 5 years?

    How do some members have so many posts? I did the math on one user that had to post over 100 posts a day for 5 years to get to his count. Many others average 10-50 a day. Is it that when you donate money the admins change your post count to whatever you want? Or are there glitches in the...
  20. trapland

    Just ordered Low Wind Electric Flag ECP

    I assume these will be bright and jangly, especially in the neck. My custom Buckers are 7.8k and now sport A4 magnets and I like them, but they may be a touch hot. Thought the low winds might solve that. I'm not a fan of neck pickup low end, yet like a full sounding bridge that still...

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