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  1. WaywerdSon

    Buckers vs mini-buckers vs P90s

  2. WaywerdSon

    College freshman has a big stick!

    seeing as he loaded the bags twice, Im going with shitty pitching
  3. WaywerdSon

    jokes & funnies.

  4. WaywerdSon

    The mystery pot, cast iron with almost no markings.

    Its probably not fatal. And you will hear people say that in a really well seasoned pan its not as big a deal, but the acid can definately deteriorate the seasoning that took all those years to accumulate. If it tatses tinny or metallic, probably not great to eat, otherwise you are most likely...
  5. WaywerdSon

    Pretty cool interview from a veteran guitar slinger
  6. WaywerdSon

    The mystery pot, cast iron with almost no markings.

    Maybe the one thing you might want to reconsider cooking in cast iron. I keep one non-stick skillet around to do things that are really acidic and require an extended amount of time simmering like marinara sauce. The acid can leech an excessive amount of iron which, in some people, can cause...
  7. WaywerdSon

    Who REALLY invented Rock and Roll music?

    Buddy Holly should be in that poll Voted for Fin Berry
  8. WaywerdSon

    Truvk shopping again - need opinions from recent Ram/Ford owners

    According to Car and Driver its not really a fair fight. the RAM is a clear best
  9. WaywerdSon

    You're officially a vinyl collector when....

    Nice score today. I didnt take a pic of the label, I'm gonna look it up on Discog and see if its a first pressing, bit I found a early copy of Billion Dollar Babies that still has all the "case candy". They had it priced at $11. The vinyl isnt pristine, but it is a 45+ yo record
  10. WaywerdSon

    Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2021 nominees......

    Time for my annual rant--- Name ONE band with a deeper and wider influence that isnt in the RRHOF than Judas Priest. Black Sabbath made it heavy, Priest made it metal. The biggest rock acts of the 80s and 90s, and even today were heavily influenced by Priest, both sonicly and visually, and the...
  11. WaywerdSon

    NFL 2020 Playoffs and Superbowl

    Nope, I'd still take Mahomes over Brady if im picking teams every single time and twice on Sunday. Even in that fiasco, Mahomes made throws that nobody else ever thought of. if the recievers had caught a few of those the score would have looked quite different. Mahomes has a long time to play...
  12. WaywerdSon

    NFL 2020 Playoffs and Superbowl

    What a shit show. Bad defense, bad OL play, horrible hands, obscenely bad officiating, cheap shots by the dirtiest player in the NFL, most of which didnt get flagged. Embarrassing all the way around. Mahomes and Kelce were the only guys on the team that looked even remotely like they were in the...
  13. WaywerdSon

    NFL 2020 Playoffs and Superbowl

    Suh should have been kicked out of the league years ago for that cheap ass shit he does
  14. WaywerdSon

    What is this white stuff....

    Common question in this room
  15. WaywerdSon

    Artists who made one helluva left turn

    Ritchie Blackmore

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