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    The Leo Fender clean amp myth

    I disagree that there wasn’t much thought out into the tweeds. He borrowed some ideas, but came up with more of his own. I think the tweeds were more what he liked and the move to black face was to meet market demand. nothing as legendary and enduring as the teeed amps just happen.
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    Hey what's up with this?

    I’ve always wanted to try that.
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    The neck sound?

    It is surprising and counter intuitive, but the neck is so much of the sound of a guitar! I’m convinced I’d all things are equal, the non truss rod sheath gibsons sound better. and yeah, thicker neck seems to equal thicker tone. Well it is half the length of the guitar I guess.
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    Hey what's up with this?

    That set up would really load the pickups. with a single vol and tone each setting only sees 500k and the 500k plus cap. It gives you 3 sounds that sound like 3 different individual pickups instead of 2 pickups plus a more muddy sound. with the stock wiring the middle selection sees 250k vol...
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    Hey what's up with this?

    I have the master vol/tone thing a try. Not to hard to change if you’re used to soldering. Just move a couple wires really. anyway, wow the middle position is so good this way. Less loading for sure and you can hear it. Sounds like a little thicker version of the bridge pickup but just as...
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    Thoughts on this 2016 R8?

    Looking forward to the report. I’d always rather have a great guitar than several ok guitars.
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    Thoughts on this 2016 R8?

    Looks good! I have a 2016 R8 and I’ll confirm what was said above about neck feel, really good! My 2016 is the best electric I’ve ever played. If it’s anytilong like mine, don’t let that get away!!
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    The Leo Fender clean amp myth

    Well there’s personal preference, and then there’s supplying the market.
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    The Leo Fender clean amp myth

    Hi all, I thought I’d share some interesting info on fender amps for general internet knowledge and posterity and to counter a common myth I’ve heard for decades. This is info I got from a very pleasant and interesting phone call I had about a year ago with amp legend Bob Rissi (Fender amp...
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    Hey what's up with this?

    Regarding the different knobs, I remember Barney Kessel said he put chicken head knobs on his guitar so could tell the level without having to look.
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    Hey what's up with this?

    I might try this. A master vol/tone setup would give you less loading when you have both pickups on. That position always sounds a little dull to me, and that would help. maybe part of why ol les did it.
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    Hey what's up with this?

    I think I read les modded those with a master volume and tone.
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    Vintage Gibson Owners and anyone who wants to chime in: What is the distance between the TOM bridge and the bridge humbucker?

    It’s an interesting question. I know McCarty era arch tops can vary quite a bit!
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    Replace speaker to hit overdrive sooner?

    Inefficient speakers are the best sounding way to make an amp more usable, IMO. The difference between a 100db speaker and 94db is huge. It’ll let you turn your volume up about two numbers for the same volume level out front. that’s often enough to get some hair on the amp and have it sound...
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    Words that shouldn't be used together

    Borrowed from Lou Reed: Mayonnaise Soda
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    polytone mega brute...any info or ideas

    The greatest jazz sound I’ve ever heard is from the early ampeg combos. Mercury, Gemini, reverberocket, etc. man! They were made to go with arch tops and you can hear it. so good! there’s a reason they were THE amp for the east coast jazz heavies. and I second the opinion above that poly tones...
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    Random acts of gear porn!!!!

    1964 L5.
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    Why do I hate strats? And do I need therapy?

    It was the same result if I was plugged into my own amp in class too. Just weaker.
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    Why do I hate strats? And do I need therapy?

    I started this thread mostly tongue in cheek (though it’s true I don’t prefer strats myself) for a fun discussion. I understand strats have their place. I’ll share this: I started on a strat inspired by jimi. When I was at berklee, the classes had the students all sit in a little circle with...
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    Two Les Paul's to choose from. Should I go with my Heart or my Head?

    I agree that the feel of the R9 is likely to be better than the other that 80 is the coolest heritage 80 I’ve ever seen! Gorgeous!! I think value will be a toss up between the 2. There are so many historics I don’t think they’ll be as rare in the market as the 80s down the road, but...

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