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  1. Spartom

    Would you rat someone out?

    If you were perusing your local community’s news website and recognized someone on a surveillance photo that the police department posted that they suspected of committing a crime, would you rat them out? I imagine it depends on a lot of factors: what the crime was, how well you know the...
  2. Spartom

    Bald eagle

    My building at work is right next to a river and while my coworker gets the nice water view, I have trees blocking most of my view. But that’s okay because 1) I would get easily distracted with a nice view, and 2) there’s a bald eagle that usually hangs out in one of the trees. During the...
  3. Spartom

    Year end new car deals

    Driving home after shopping on Christmas Eve-eve, BAM...thought I ran over something, but it turns out my rear differential disintegrated. Here's Trucky McTruckface getting dropped off at the garage: The shop quoted me more than what the truck is worth to replace the entire rear axle...
  4. Spartom

    Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?

    Apparently, this is my basement: This morning I'm told "Dad, there's a dead copperhead in the basement." My 18 year old son happened to be walking past the stairwell and saw what looked like a snake down there. Sure enough, there was and it was nearly dead thanks to my cats. My son and his...
  5. Spartom

    Are you a dumbass?

    I just went to the bank to make a loan payment. I pay most bills online, but for whatever reason, I have trouble doing that with this account. The bank is less than a mile from home, so it's no big deal. I select the drive-thru line that's shortest...only one car in the line that is just...
  6. Spartom

    How not to transport a mattress

    Why bother using a truck, or even tying it down to the roof of your car, when you can surf it to your death. HAYMARKET, Va. (AP) — Prince William County police say a woman who was riding on an unsecured mattress on top of a passenger van...
  7. Spartom

    Woman backs Mercedes onto hood of Ferrari at Cars & Coffee

    This apparently happened yesterday in Great Falls, VA. To answer the inevitable "How the heck did she get the car into that position?", witnesses said that she was parked in front if the Ferrari, cut the wheel to the left to pull away from the curb, and accidentally put it into reverse...
  8. Spartom

    RIP Nick Menza

    :( Ex-Megadeth drummer Nick Menza dies after collapsing on stage -
  9. Spartom


    I actually picked this up on Sunday. My first tube amp, and holy hell is this thing loud. Playing with the family in the house, I don't even get the volume up to 1 on the gain channel. I was home part of the day today doing some house repairs while everyone else was at school, so I took a few...
  10. Spartom

    Parasitic twin

    Doctors discover 40-year-old twin growing inside woman's body So now, when her husband's friends say "Your wife's cute. Does she have a sister?" "As a matter of fact...."
  11. Spartom

    WWII Paris / modern day composite photos

    We've seen then and now photos from WWII before, but this artist's composite images are very cool. Then and now: Incredible composite images compare iconic Paris attractions during Nazi occupation with today's tourist traps | Daily Mail Online
  12. Spartom

    Get the elderly off the road

    Yeah, I know there are other hazards on the road like drunks, teens, and texters that probably cause more accidents than geriatrics. Maybe I'm only noticing it more now, but it seems that incidents involving the elderly are on the rise. Just today an 80 year old was killed when he ran a red...
  13. Spartom

    New York hates Joe Buck

    :laugh2: Joe Buck's Failed Super Bowl Promo from Funny Or Die, Joe Buck, Dan Klein, Jack Allison, jasoncarden, Jim Santangeli, and Luke Thayer
  14. Spartom

    Necco post

  15. Spartom

    Alright potheads, show us those manboobs!

    Does smoking pot cause man boobs? "Dr. Youn," he says, "I have man boobs." I notice a not-so-unfamiliar smell wafting from his body. It's the same odor that floated my way during a rock concert I recently attended. "How long have you had a problem with this, George?" "Hard to say...
  16. Spartom

    Awesome obituary

    William Freddie McCullough Obituary: View William McCullough's Obituary by Savannah Morning News William "Freddie" McCullough William Freddie McCullough - BLOOMINGDALE - The man. The myth. The legend. Men wanted to be him and women wanted to be with him. William Freddie McCullough died on...
  17. Spartom

    I was bored, so I took out an ad on Craigslist

    To sell my Unicorn. Unicorn Unicorn - $15000 (PG county) I have a beautiful white unicorn that I can no longer keep. She's very docile, but needs a decent barn, at least a couple of acres to be able to run about, a few trees to keep her horn sharp, and lots of love. You should...
  18. Spartom

    Time to give a computer virus creator a pat on the back

    What a dope. :laugh2: Man Arrested After Computer Virus Sends Him to Police Station | NBC4 Washington
  19. Spartom

    Interesting stringing method

    I think I used to own this guitar. I emailed the seller asking him where he bought it, and I think I know the answer. Jackson Guitar and Distortion Pedal But I think he needs a lesson on restringing. :laugh2:
  20. Spartom


    Zomb-Ease Orthopedic Shoes For Zombies - CONAN on TBS - YouTube :laugh2:

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