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  1. GibsonMarshallGuy

    Is this really a 1993 Stratocaster? Please help.

    Does this look legit? I asked the seller to provide pics of the body without the pickgaurd, but he's hesitant? Please help.
  2. GibsonMarshallGuy

    Can you guys give me feedback on a song I wrote in 3/4 and 6/8

    Experimenting with different time signatures. Hit me with the good or bad feedback. Thanks for listening.
  3. GibsonMarshallGuy

    Can you give me feedback on a sludge rock song I wrote?

    It could be good or bad, thanks for listening though.
  4. GibsonMarshallGuy

    Can I get some feedback on my alternative rock song?

    I wrote this song, let me know what you think please.
  5. GibsonMarshallGuy

    It's been a long time...

    How's everyone doing? Got a gold top recently along with a bunch of other non Les Paul guitars... Anyway, hello again!
  6. GibsonMarshallGuy

    Wow.. I'm impressed!

    This, is by far the best value for a new American made guitar.. I mean, I can't believe how nice this is...
  7. GibsonMarshallGuy

    Anyone struggling with tuning? I have advice for you...

    I've been playing Les Paul's for many years, and I can basically make it through a whole set without tuning more than once or twice during a 45min gig. There's no secret, just a good setup and experience dealing with the nuances of a Les Paul. Basically, a crowd can't tell if you're slightly off...
  8. GibsonMarshallGuy

    I found the best OD pedal ever IMO

    Fellow guitar/tone nerds... My search is over, I didn't really know I was searching though... For years my main OD pedal was a Fulltone OCD, and recently I put a TC Electronic Spark Booster in front of it. The OCD pedal is great, and is probably a standard for some of you. With the Spark in...
  9. GibsonMarshallGuy

    Great beginner and practice amp PSA

    So public service announcement for beginners looking for a good practice amp! I went to Guitar Center today and played on a Blackstar ID Core. Had some really usable and fun high gain tones. Really easy to use and good quality! Check it out!
  10. GibsonMarshallGuy

    Second Firebird 2016 t came in

    The first one I ordered had a defective truss rod, so that one went back. This one I just got is working fine. I mean, one of the tuners literally fell off as I was installing .10's, I nearly flipped out until I realized it just needed to be tightened with one of the wrenches that came with the...
  11. GibsonMarshallGuy

    PSA: 2016 models

    If you purchase a 2016 model please check the truss rod. I got my 2016 Firebird and the truss rod is loose and does nothing. Just letting everyone know, because going to the authorized Gibson repair guy in Chicago, he said he's been seeing a lot of Gibsons with this issue. I thought it was...
  12. GibsonMarshallGuy

    Firebird 2016 T, help with string change

    I've never dealt with locking tuners or anything that's close to what's on this guitar. Can someone please give me a reference point or, some steps on how to remove the strings from the tuners.. Thx!
  13. GibsonMarshallGuy

    Firebird 2016 T

    So I always ALWAYS wanted a Firebird, but wasn't willing to put up the cash. I recently seen the 2016 T, and the price is extremely good compared to what I normally see. I purchased it online, and I'm wondering what everyone thinks of it so far (besides the one post I've seen on it so far)...
  14. GibsonMarshallGuy

    Fender Heaven??? Twinolux

    So I recently purchased a 68 twin reverb reissue. Great amp, does as advertised! It's what you expect, but I just got another fender amp! An Eric Clapton Twinolux, because why not... Cool one channel amp. I like the half power, and one speaker option. Has a decent tremolo on it, but I need...
  15. GibsonMarshallGuy

    Fender 68 twin reverb reissue..

    I just purchased a 68 Twin and it arrives on Tuesday.. I've been wanting the 65 Twin, and I even managed to jam on one extensively. However, after watching a few comparison videos online and seeing one on sale I pulled the trigger on a 68... Very excited!!! I need a really good loud clean...
  16. GibsonMarshallGuy

    My honest opinion on my MiM telecaster

    I've owned at least 5 American standard strats and tele's. I've never been able to get along with a strat for very long despite my love for the tone and look. They're just not me I guess. Telecasters on the other hand have been a love affair ever since I owned my first one. I've let all of...
  17. GibsonMarshallGuy

    65 twin reverb opinions

    I'm thinking about getting a 65 twin reverb for my "indie" band. I currently have a Marshall 1974 reissue, it has great tones but breaks up at moderate volumes. For those of you that own one please discuss your opinions... I'm also in a hard rock band, but I'm using an Orange OR15 and 2...
  18. GibsonMarshallGuy

    Orange or15 PSA

    So I just received my or15 head. I'm playing through 2 greenbacks, and it sounds EXCELLENT! Mind you it didn't start out that way... Out the box the amp has way too much gain on tap. I mean, by ten o'clock you're already in metal territory. I swapped v1 and v2 to 12aT7's and got a much...
  19. GibsonMarshallGuy

    can someone build me a guitar?

    Don't know if this is the right place to post this question, but I'm looking for someone to do a custom build for me. Pls pm me or post here if you know where I can look. Thx!
  20. GibsonMarshallGuy

    JDM Epiphone LP

    I'm buying this really cool guitar. Can you guys tell me the year, and give me some specs or info on these guitars? Thx guys!

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