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  1. AJK1

    What magnets in famous LP ?

    Can anyone tell by listening what magnets are in famous Burst LP played by my fave guitarists such as Page Gibbons Clapton Beck Allman Bloomfield Taylor Green I’d be interested to see what people think/ know about their guitars and what magnets contributed to their sound
  2. AJK1

    Friedman Smallbox pedal on its way

    Thought I’d indulge myself and order one What interests me is the high/low gain switch on the side of the box It’s going into my Vox AC30C2 with an extension 2x12 with Greenbacks If it’s anything like all the other Friedman products they make, it should be a cracker !
  3. AJK1

    Les Paul Heavier or Lighter ?

    What sounds better, heavier or lighter Les Pauls?
  4. AJK1

    Anyone rocking a Dookie pedal?

    I just got the V3, sounds great Anyone else here rocking one ? Comments or feedback ?
  5. AJK1

    Suhr Thornbucker

    Anyone using these ? I’m looking for a new bridge pickup for one of my LP and this popped up on my search Others I’m considering are Antiquity, Seth Lover and Duncan 59
  6. AJK1

    Mojotone Classic hummies

    Installed a set into my Tokai Jap Sunburst LP today Neck 7.47 Bridge 8.60 A2 mags in these ones Aged Nickel covers All I can say is wow, they are very clear, chimey, and have good power and definition Very balanced eq Love ‘em
  7. AJK1

    Durbano Trons in my LP

    Installed them in my sunburst and all I can say is wow They are really crisp, fat and crunchy when pushed and make my LP sound like a hot Gretsch Am thinking of putting a Duesenberg LP trem on it to complete the look and sound Thoroughly recommended and so cheap !
  8. AJK1

    Pickups in my Jap Love Rocks

    My pickups, my guitars and what band sound they remind me of using my Hiwatt amp, Greenback speakers, and Friedman Dirty Shirley pedal at various settings: SD Custom Shop Pearly Gates set - 2015 Violin Burst - ZZ TOP Bare Knuckle Abraxas set - 2017 70th Anniv Brown Burst - Thin Lizzy (Robbo)...
  9. AJK1

    Dimarzio Transition/Air Classic set

    Just installed a Transition/Air Classic set into my Black Custom The neck pickup is super clear, and is a great sounding pickup, very impressed The Bridge Transition is very clear and powerful, a good rock pickup Very happy with this set, I would class this set as being "Modern Sounding"...
  10. AJK1

    SD Phat Cats or similar

    Anyone used humbucker sized P90 style pickups ? I'm thinking of putting a set in one of my LP Are they like P90's ? Seymour Duncan, Bare Knuckle ? Feedback welcome
  11. AJK1

    Bare Knuckle Black Dog

    Just looking for feedback/thoughts from anyone that's used them
  12. AJK1


    Just bought a Soul Food pedal, it makes my rig sound like a pushed Fender amp, but clear with lots of headroom, hence the Soul Food name i suppose, reminds me of 60's Stones, Small Faces and Steve Cropper guitar sounds I really like it Anyone else here got one ? Comments ?
  13. AJK1

    NPD-Friedman BE OD

    Just bought a new BE OD What a pedal I've owned so many similar pedals that just weren't right, i thought i'd give this a go and boy, is it amazing One of the great things about this pedal is the bass knob, most OD pedals don't have one and they just thin out, but this pedal is so full and...
  14. AJK1

    Aussie Pickups !

    Being an aussie i thought i'd list some local pickup makers for you to check out Sliders Brierley Leddin Durbano Magnetics Check 'em out !
  15. AJK1

    Wolfetone DrV or Sheptone Blue Sky ?

    Have seen both of these for sale in my area Comments/Feedback ? They both seem great
  16. AJK1

    Slash pickup set

    Just swapped a faux t-top and a WLH for a Slash set Haven't installed them yet Anyone here use them ? What can i expect ?
  17. AJK1

    Favourite PAF/T-Top recorded sounds

    Thought it would be interesting to list our fave albums/songs recorded using PAFS/T-Tops and the guitarist responsible I'll start: ZZ Tops First Album (PAF) Billy Gibbons
  18. AJK1

    Just ordered Lollar Raw Power T-Top Bridge

    Based on the T-Top pickups in James Williamson's 69 LP Custom I'm only getting the bridge version Looking forward to how it sounds and compares to everything else i have !
  19. AJK1

    Seymour Duncan CS Pearly Gates

    Any other users out there ? Comments ? Just curious what others think about them
  20. AJK1

    Most disappointing pickup upgrade ?

    What upgrade/change of pickups/magnets did you do and it ended up being a total letdown ?

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