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  1. Skerries1

    58 Black Beauty

    Folks This '58 Black Beauty has come up for sale on ebay. Its not mine. 1958 Gibson Les Paul Custom "Black Beauty" Original No Reissue w OHSC | eBay I think its time we had a thread that discusses the issue of late '50s Black Beauties and whether they are the poor cousin of the burst or...
  2. Skerries1

    How to destroy a vintage guitar

    Thought you guys would enjoy this one. Whoever the owner of this has been is a real expert on how to destroy perfectly good guitars. WTF? 1956 Gibson Les Paul RARE Original Authentic Vintage with Heavy Modification | eBay
  3. Skerries1

    James Hetfield collection

    Just saw this amazing picture of James Hetfield's bursts. This is from the Guitar Aficionado recent book titled: The Most Famous, Rare, and Valuable Guitars in the World. There isn't much else in the book on Hetfield's collection. But this looks very enviable and matches his vintage car collection.
  4. Skerries1

    1959 Custom

    I came across this 59 Custom last week when I was traveling in the UK and I was very tempted to pick it up as it is in the more affordable range than most bursts (40 K GBP =~60K USD). Also, given my recent experience with Burst scams, I get the impression Customs are less likely to have had...
  5. Skerries1

    Advice on a 59 burst

    Hi Folks I wonder if you can give me your two cents on whether the value of this 59 burst is a good buy or not? Its on the market for 165K USD. Below are the specifics. I'm thinking about buying it, but its either this or a new apartment (seriously). Thanks so much. Moderately...

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