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  1. M@nChild

    Bigfoot, Wild Men, Almasty, Skunk Apes, Grass Boogers, Fouke Monster

    Since the UFO thread got so much love i was curious what yall thought about big foot? I am trying to find the interview, i might have to subscribe and buy the 10 a month one time for you fellas, The podcast that aired the interview, took it off which tells me it was a private conversation...
  2. M@nChild


    This video gave me a legit hard on!!! the swag Albert has, tells Stevie you alright you kinda of good! But this will make you better!! [email protected] to sit in that room and watch legends jam,.. Unreal!
  3. M@nChild

    whats everyone playing?

    This covid is getting beyond tiresome, whats everyone playing or working on while locked in our homes? Been playin lots of things but black magic woman ending solo/ beggining of gypsy queen has been getting my attention. Here my fat ass getting down! not the best not the worst just enjoying...
  4. M@nChild

    bored of my sound

    AS the titles reads, got some nice pedals well what i thought were nice, but yeah im just so bored of my sound. i have a nice analog man chorus which i cant stand, for the life of me can not get a usable 80's distorted rock tone with it and my Drive pedals. i cant bond with my damn delay, have...
  5. M@nChild

    #1 song on the charts the day you were born?

    insert your birthday at the link and it will pull up a youtube video of what ever song was the number one hit the day you were born and give you a small summary birthday song
  6. M@nChild

    harsh playback through focus rite 2i2

    Hope everyone had a good holiday! With some time off, i got off my lazy @ss and re connected my gen 1 focus rite. Ive only ever set up mics with it to record guiitar amps. I recently acquired the PRS amp plug ins and wanted to try them out. i dont have Monitors so i use the headphone out of...
  7. M@nChild

    NGD - Martin HD 28

    Evening Fellas, This past Thursday was a beautiful day, Sweet-water sent me a package with what i would consider to be my dream acoustic. Huge fan of Neil young, Crosby stills and nash; so a martin was on the bucket list to say the least. Wasn't sure which model i wanted but just knew when...
  8. M@nChild

    guitar software?

    So ive come to the realization that playin my guitar, pedal board, and amp is a lucky day in my parts. its becoming less and less practical. with that said alot of the time due to my schedule i can only get down at the wee hours of the morning, or at the tail hairs of the moon lightl. No real...
  9. M@nChild

    amp questions

    I have an Vox AC15C1 sittin in my closet for the last 2-4 years. I wanted to get it back out and fire it up, see how old girl sounds. Should i expect to run into any problems? I am amps original owner and kept it well maintained. Is there anything i should do or just plug it in and let the...
  10. M@nChild

    Guitar Wall Hanger and Humidity.

    Recently bought my first american guitar and the thing is top notch. was so fortunate to get it and dont see another big guitar purchase coming any time soon. So i recently came across an old old thread in regards to wall hangers and humidity. Just got a 2018 CE 24 with a nitro finish i live...
  11. M@nChild


    So ive had it for a few weeks and wanted to give her a proper break in before deciding to post a ngd. I acquired my first USA MADE GUITAR a 2018 PRS CE 24 Got an insane deal on this gem Brand new from the good folks at sweetwater The thing kicks ass. the photos are meh dont know why only...
  12. M@nChild

    headphone amp or Amp plug-in

    So im currently in the process of getting a new electric, posted in the correct sub-forum. Right now i work grave shift, which means when i get home i dont have the luxury of cranking the tube amp... Which at the moment has become a real Pain-in the @ss.. for the last month i practice and play...
  13. M@nChild

    Advice on new guitar

    So since my guitar journey ive played only three gitty's.. I learned guitar on a piece of shit 100 dollar crafter i bought at the local swap meet. The thing hurt my fingers, had shitty tone, but hey it was the guitar i learned to play basic chords and begin my love for playing guitar. After...
  14. M@nChild

    mic pre amp

    When using 2 different mics, a akg 214 and a senheisnher e609 it seems that i have to turn my pre amp gain almost all the way up on my Scarlett 2i4 (gen 1) Audio interface before im getting my green light halo. So if i used something like this...
  15. M@nChild

    NAD Fender Content

    I have been eyeing a princeton reverb RI for a couple years now. Was using my AC15C1 did some mods and was pretty happy, but still always wanted that princeton. Finally pulled the plug on one, a 65 Princeton RI w/ 12 inch cannabis rex. The thing is beyond what i could have imagined. The 12...
  16. M@nChild

    Somebody say Cowbell?

    a musician who takes his craft to the next level!
  17. M@nChild

    PigHog cables

    Needed to grab some xlr cables. Went on reverb and saw some twin packs of these pighog xlr available for a great price. (not to mention i really liked the black on black look of the connections) I also grabbed a guitar cable from them. So my question is has any one used this brand PigHog and...
  18. M@nChild

    Marvel Drive v3

    So i purchased the marvel drive v3 for a great price on reverb came with box and all the paperwork. Everything looks great, but quick question does the marvel drive click when being activated on or off? Mine appears to just push in like a button with no sound or click as notification just the...
  19. M@nChild

    Learning to finger pick

    As the titles states i really am intrigued with finger style play and would really like to be able to play songs that require finger picking. Ive been playin guitar for about 2-3 years but always used a pick. So how do i go about learning to finger pick. i realize practice and time so no...
  20. M@nChild

    Power supply mah question

    MY power supply has 2 9v and 2 12v spots remaining but all at 400 mah i need to plug in my analog man chorus, as i just got a patch cable long enough to connect it, Will pluggin it in to the 400 mah slot mess it up? Or will it only draw the necessary mah to operate?

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