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  1. DBCooper

    Show Your Telecasters!!!

    OK. Thanks. Do you recall the type of wood from which it was made?
  2. DBCooper

    Show Your Telecasters!!!

    I wanted a surf green tele so badly that I paid to have my sunburst ASAT Tribute stripped and re-painted. A few years later, Fender came out with surf green Squiers. Do'H!!!
  3. DBCooper

    Show Your Telecasters!!!

    Where did you get the Esquire body? The finish is perfect.
  4. DBCooper

    Wolfetone Blisterbucker

    I have never ever seen a fat strat that l liked, until now. Yours looks fantastic.
  5. DBCooper

    Show your Custom!

    1978. 46 lbs.
  6. DBCooper

    Zebra or Reverse Zebra? Aged Nickel?

    My statement was based on the drop-down box on the order menu.
  7. DBCooper

    Zebra or Reverse Zebra? Aged Nickel?

    P.S. And just to be clear, I assume that "reverse zebras" and aged nickel covers are a thing. I'm just wondering how big a thing.
  8. DBCooper

    Zebra or Reverse Zebra? Aged Nickel?

    Sure. Any excuse for posting a photo of my favorite guitar. :) But just to be clear, i'd keep the covers on. I'm just wondering if I ever go to sell it . . . Also, in case someone is wondering, double cream is not currently being offered.
  9. DBCooper

    Zebra or Reverse Zebra? Aged Nickel?

    I was just about to pull the trigger on a set of Wolfetones and saw the options: zebra or reverse zebra? nickel or aged nickel? My inclination is to select zebra and nickel for both. But I'm wondering why there's a option for reverse zebras? Is it because some all-time favorite had his...
  10. DBCooper

    Wine Red Studio with Cream Humbuckers???

    Anything pairs well with red wine.
  11. DBCooper

    Changing it up a bit: 50’s Standard Tobacco Burst

    I assumed that I'd like the creme better. But side by side, I actually prefer the black. Looks sharper.
  12. DBCooper

    My son got engaged...

    I feel for you, Mr Fry. 23 is just a baby. At 23, i had the emotional maturity and judgment of a 16 year-old. There should be a law that you can't get married until you're at least 27 with a history of at least two serious relationships. And no kids until after two years of happy marriage...
  13. DBCooper

    Feel good music, what's yours?

    Any lively jump blues song can usually momentarily distract me from whatever’s bugging me at the time. Here, try it. Think of the co-worker who you have to constantly cover for because he's not carrying his weight and then listen to this:
  14. DBCooper

    It's time to "Pop Your Cherry!" (Cherry and Wine Red thread)

    Here's my '78 with Scatterbranes (and a new case).
  15. DBCooper

    For those who have watched Andertons TV for a some time... VOTE!!

    I like both. Chapman seems to have genuine reactions and not just be pushing product. Peter's playing style is more relateable to me, and he always has a sly grin on his lips like he's thinking of something but erring on the side of keeping it to himself.
  16. DBCooper

    Never saw a Deluxe like this

    I think it looks amazing. Not $8,500 amazing. Maybe $2,400 amazing.
  17. DBCooper

    Virus Conspiracy, Travel, Prepping, Bitching

    I was thinking the same thing. My morning commute, which usually takes between 45 and 75 minutes, took about 30. The highway was empty. And instead of fighting to find parking on the 4th floor of the garage, I found a spot on the 1st floor by the door.
  18. DBCooper

    The grandfather that dropped his grandchild on a cruise clearly leaned out the window and then dangled her outside the window

    Yeah, all I need is a parachute, bag full of money, compass, map of the forest, and buddy on the ground who I can trust.
  19. DBCooper

    The grandfather that dropped his grandchild on a cruise clearly leaned out the window and then dangled her outside the window

    I would have jumped out after her. P.S. I certainly wouldn't get dressed up to do a prime time TV interview. Besides having zero judgement, is this guy a megalomaniac? What's next--a tell-all book about his personal grief and recovery?

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