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  1. Eternal Scar

    SOLD!!2011 Gibson 1958 reissue

    Up for sale is my 2011 R8.This guitar is in mint condition not a ding or scratch anywhere.Comes with C.O.A and all case candy.Would really prefer a meet in person but willing to ship.$2500 shipped or PM for a better price if meet in person.
  2. Eternal Scar

    Incoming....78 Les Paul Custom

    Just pulled the trigger on this mint 78 LPC.I have been looking for a long time for one as clean as this one and the wait was worth it.Cool footnote for me it was built on my wife's birthday.Now the hard part...the wait!! Here are a few of the seller's pic more to follow when it's in my hands.
  3. Eternal Scar

    78 Les Paul Custom pickups

    Hey guys looking at buying a 78 LPC the factory pickups should be T Tops right?
  4. Eternal Scar

    2012 Les Paul Custom

    Hey guys. I am looking at a 2012 Les Paul Custom for sale on reverb and the seller says it is an early production with an ebony board.I thought all 2012 were richlite boards? Anyone help me out on if he is correct or not?
  5. Eternal Scar

    McGregor Vs Diaz

    UFC 196 Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz. Who ya got to win and why? GO....................
  6. Eternal Scar

    New Rattlesnake Strap

    Custom Rattlesnake Strap made by Chad at Carved Rock Leather!
  7. Eternal Scar

    Standard Faded finally complete

    New Sigil Berserker pickups,New MSSC Vitamin Q harness,New pickup rings & poker chip.My 05 Standard Faded is Complete!!
  8. Eternal Scar

    New pickups and Harness day

    Got my 2005 Standard Faded back from my tech today.Got a set of Sigil Berserker pickups installed and a MSSC Vitamin Q Harness and full setup.The before and after are night and day.This guitar sounds Amazing now!!Huge thanks to Dave at Sigil pickups and Matt at MSSC both guys have top notch...
  9. Eternal Scar

    Ft feeler 2011 r8

    For trade feeler.2011 R8.Guitar is in fantastic condition with COA and all case candy included.Looking to trade for a Les Paul Custom ONLY.Looking for an even up trade and LPC must be in excellent condition.
  10. Eternal Scar

    EMG 66/57 Reviews.

    Looking to swap out the pickups in my 2005 Faded Standard.Looking for some real world reviews of the EMG 66/57's.
  11. Eternal Scar

    Ngd!!2011 R8

    G]][RL] Busted my Custom Shop cherry today got my 2011 R8.Now I understand what the hype about Reissues is all about.What a FANTASIC GUITAR!!!
  12. Eternal Scar

    2011 R8 Nut

    Can anyone tell me what nut is on a 2011 R8?
  13. Eternal Scar

    JCM800 Reborn

    Just got my JCM800 back from the shop.Cap job,all tubes replaced and bias.It sounded great before but now it sounds Incredible!!Totally stoked how good it sounds.....Reborn!!!!
  14. Eternal Scar

    2011 R8 Value

    I have someone who wants to do a trade deal with me for a 2011 R8 VOS Plaintop.One owner guitar mint condition with all paperwork and COA.What do you guys think this is worth ballpark?
  15. Eternal Scar

    The Cornerstone of Rock

  16. Eternal Scar

    Trade USA Dean for Les Paul

    Up for Trade.2006 Dean USA TCZF.USA made!Rare Faded Black Denim finish.Original floyd rose.Matched set of Bill Lawrence pickups.Ebony fretboard.Dunlop straplocks.Hard case included.Looking to trade for Les Paul Custom,Standard,Classic,or traditional.Show me what you got!!
  17. Eternal Scar

    New Knob Day

    Reflectors with silver inserts.I like these alot more than the original ones.
  18. Eternal Scar

    Life is Good

    Polished.....Fretboard strings....fresh setup and ready to Rock!Life is Good!!:dude:
  19. Eternal Scar

    New Guitar day

    2005 Les Paul Standard Faded Cherry Burst.Totally love this guitar!!Thanks again John hope you enjoy that Bumble V!
  20. Eternal Scar

    Trade USA Dean for Les Paul

    Looking to trade my 2006 Dean USA Micheal Schenker Bumble V for a Les Paul.Only interested in Customs,Standards or Studios or Epi's.Made in the USA!Mahogony body 3 piece mahogony neck.Ebony fretboard with mother of pearl block inlays.V neck with rolled binding.SD Dimebucker and PAF...

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