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  1. elephantrider

    delivered - 2020 tribute honeyburst

    ordered this awesome unit, mainly due to the top. should deliver next week. have a bareknuckle mule on the way for the bridge pup. hope the top looks as good in person as it does in the pics.
  2. elephantrider

    some serious news for once.

    youtube eaters having a food fight. just pondering that this is current society.
  3. elephantrider

    in san fran for the week

    ...any good guitar shops ? about to roam around and see what i can see !
  4. elephantrider

    vox mini nad

    this thing is awesome!
  5. elephantrider

    ngd '19 jr tribute dc

    these little guys are rock machines. so bare bones and simple. i'd like to get a trc that matches the pg, otherwise will leave it alone and put some miles on it before anything else. absolutely love the neck. what's with all the pg hate on these..? simply due to it not looking like a '58 pg ?
  6. elephantrider

    1960 re-issue price check

    hoping you historic guys can confirm if this is a reasonable price for a 60 reissue, which would still be a r0, regardless that it was a gc exclusive, correct.. ? i'm always on the look out for a plain-ish top like this one. the flames and chevron type tops aren't really my cup of tea. these...
  7. elephantrider

    plasma pedal ?

    any of you pedal aficionados seen this, or tried one out ? seems like some interesting sounds can be produced with it...
  8. elephantrider

    sevendust and clutch @ gm live

    saw sevendust and clutch last night at gas monkey live. really went there to see clutch, and they never disappoint. anyone else at the show last night ?
  9. elephantrider

    ngd 2013 60's gt

    bought this from a church band guy that played this since new, twice on sunday and 3 times during the week. has been played a ton. gotta a really good deal on it. plan to put in byo blizzard of 59 pups in it, along with some aged parts. the black rings looks like shyte, so they can't stay on...
  10. elephantrider

    anyone know...

    ...what pedal this is ?
  11. elephantrider

    gibby knowledge needed on pricing !

    you guys familiar with pricing have a clue what this one is actually worth, with the water damange ? i'm going to break down and buy a 79 - 81 model, and my budget is 3k-ish. curious if this one would be worth the clean...
  12. elephantrider

    new cheap-o 7 string

    so, been wanting to try out a 7 string, but didn't want to invest much $$$ in case i lost interest. i've been a 6 string guy my entire life, so i'm stepping onto some unfamiliar ground. ended up getting on rondo music site, and found this unit.. $160 shipped. never played, still has plastic...
  13. elephantrider

    billy howerdel rig rundown

    wasn't sure if any of you guys posted this up or saw it. skip to 57:04 if you dont' care about iha or the junks. really good info on his rig and how he gets his awesome sound. one of my favs for sure.
  14. elephantrider


    a few friends of mine, and myself, went to see apc tonight in the austin area. always refreshing to hear a band with such texture in the music. jeff friedl is a beast on the drums. just amazing. howerdel is one of my top personal guitar player pics. maynard is maynard. james iha really fits...
  15. elephantrider

    hard luck kings

    bought this one on a whim. was reading about them on the innerwebz and decided to try one out. reviews are guard rail to guard rail, from it's the worst guit i've bought, to it's the best thing since the les paul. was on sale for $180 if i remember. my initial observations is that it's a...
  16. elephantrider

    the paul ii ?

    saw this on c'list yesterday. was thinking about picking it up, but wanted the opinion of the seasoned gibson eyes to take a look. doesn't look like the best strip from original finish, but i don't mind that...
  17. elephantrider

    who needs a choke

    not sure i could pull this off...
  18. elephantrider

    any of you guys in boston ? in the downtown area ? i'll be staying at kimpton nine zero hotel. what's good around there....
  19. elephantrider

    clutch and my 12 year old

    let my 12 year old son listen to dragonfly for the 1st time this evening. This is actually the 1st time he's heard anything from clutch. he wasn't really liking it because "i can't understand what he's saying".. so i pulled up the lyrics and he read along while the song was playing. he...
  20. elephantrider

    orange micro terror pricing

    gents - going to stop by and take a look at this set up at a local pawn shop this afternoon. question around the pricing.. so i did call, and got confirmation that both cabs come with it, so head, and two cabs. $300 a fair asking price ? i was going to offer $225 for the lot, and go...

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