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  1. ACEit

    Traditional 2017 pots value.

    Recently a brend new traditional 2017 was added to my "collection" immediately I found that it plays way darker than my other LP.. almost "jazzy"... no sharp high end and a little "boxy".. Actually I like it, also because this way I have a different tone in my quiver. But I wanted to understand...
  2. ACEit

    NGD: Les Paul Traditional 2017

    As I forecast.. I cannot resist the GAS for a 2017 trad. It has been since the 2017's are on the market that I thought those are the nearest to a custom shop you can find in the last years... almost all the specs down to the nylon nut are similar ... I already have a 2016 trad HP... and I'm...
  3. ACEit

    Low frets on HP models

    ... do you like them or not ? To me they are the only real "cons" of my 2016 trad HP... I find they are really "difficult" to play... I know... someone would say they will help to improve my technique... well.. I prefer to play easy... and medium frets on all my other gibson works pretty well...
  4. ACEit

    2016 Traditional HP Upgrade

    Just finished to upgrade my trad. Complete Faber abr1 kit with conversion studs + tailpiece and tone-lock studs Rewired '50 style with "custom made" 500k pots and russian PIO caps. I said "Custom made" pots because I pimped the common CTS that barely are around 460k up to 500/510 k. And...
  5. ACEit

    volumes interaction in middle position

    I swapped the original PCB on my trad for a set of "vintage" cts and quality caps, wired '50 style. on all my gibsons when in middle position if you have both volumes at 10 the sound is a bit "dull" ( I don't know how to better describe it ) and when you roll back one of the volumes at 9 the...
  6. ACEit

    MGAS..( McGiver Acquired Syndrome )

    ..or Insane in the brain.. :wow: today I was lurking around my SG trying to "improve" the tone, as it was a little "muddy". Moreover the original nut slot for the High E is cut so near the edge of the board that the string sometimes fall out. so I bought a graph tech nut with a lesser...
  7. ACEit

    NGW- long story short

    well... as u may know last week I had a great deal on a brad new trad hp 16. I already owned two 2015 .. a std and trad.... but none of them was what I really want from my LP.. the std asymmetric neck really upset me, while the trad was quite good but I find out I don't like 59 tribute PU...
  8. ACEit

    Les paul 1958 vos std historic

    maybe tomorrow I can have a big deal on a GIBSON LES PAUL 1958 VOS STD HISTORIC LEMON BURST brand new 2016 model :naughty: something peculiar about this beauty ?
  9. ACEit

    NGD - Traditional HP LB

    A shop hereabout made 20% special discount for just two days to celebrate its anniversary. I went just to have a watch... and as usual it seems I have glue on may hand 'cose this one stick on them and I had to come home with it... :shock: soooo .. please welcome my new Les Paul Traditional HP...
  10. ACEit

    Fast-access heel vs Traditional

    I'm on the market to buy a new LP traditional 2016. I like the features of the "HP" line very much: better grade top and adjustable nut, Mop inlays. the only doubt I've is about the new fast access heel. It's seems to me that it takes out some "meat" in the critical joint between body and neck...

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