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  1. elephantrider

    Winter in Texas

    are we having a texas gathering at pops or is this an elite activity :Ohno:
  2. elephantrider

    Epiphone '59 Les Paul Coming

    getting back on the order train. gc showed to have some in stock so placed an order today. if it's another floor model, I'll take a hint and stop trying. :laugh2:
  3. elephantrider

    Other Guitar fora out there?

    this is really the only guit site I frequent. some funny ass chit on this forum. plus anything from drop dead gorgeous flame tops to chibson discussions. throw in the pedals / amps threads amd luthier corner... what else is there....really... :)
  4. elephantrider

    Winter in Texas

    I went north lol
  5. elephantrider

    The End of Tiger Woods?

    not sure. the front of the vehicle looks pretty bad. I'm a big fan, always have been, hope he gets back as quick as possible.
  6. elephantrider

    Winter in Texas

    beautiful today for sure.
  7. elephantrider

    The End of Tiger Woods?

    tiger hatin. like anyone that was groomed for golf only, as he was, would *possibly* do any better. likely as bad or worse.
  8. elephantrider

    Epiphone Jared James Nichols Gold Glory

    yes. love that very simple look.
  9. elephantrider

    Jeep owners...

    the rears
  10. elephantrider

    Jeep owners...

    got all the lenses replaced. one ton steering done. I'm going to put a set of 3.5" springs on the front. has too much rake with the adj shackles in the rear. otherwise, drives and steers great. sye next on the list.
  11. elephantrider

    LOL...900 Bucks?

    I still love my slash firebird. fretboard and all.
  12. elephantrider

    Winter in Texas

    the water infrastructure is driven off of electricity. like my provider... doesn't have back up generation on any pumps that feed my mud.
  13. elephantrider

    Winter in Texas

    yup I go to the one on gattis and red bud. it's was in good shape mostly, this morning.
  14. elephantrider

    My first Epiphone.

    that's a GREAT first epi!!
  15. elephantrider

    Tokai Les Paul knock offs

    my tokia is better than my gibson :rofl:
  16. elephantrider

    Small Band Issues - What do you guys think?

    this situation reminds me of coaching little league baseball. some of the parents expected their kiddos to be all stars with one practice a week. moral of the story is there are a ton of options for doing the practice work at home. but, you have to put the effort in. sounds kinda like your...
  17. elephantrider

    Winter in Texas

    good luck, hopefully everything will be in good shape. I think I have 1 frozen faucet valve outside. will see what it does this afternoon.
  18. elephantrider

    Winter in Texas

    this is all it shows on the alerts page, so I'll boil until they give more detail. I finally showered this morning and it didn't smell bad or look bad. I couldn't wait either way lol
  19. elephantrider

    Winter in Texas

    it is really baking off now. manville is back, thank goodness. sun is looking FINE this morning. ...and we landed on Mars. silver linings!
  20. elephantrider

    Watch NASA’s Perseverance Rover Land on Mars!

    mission accomplished with the landing. was awesome to watch that. will be super cool to see the incoming pics.

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