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  1. Bigcat2017

    NGD 2013 20th Anniversary R7 Black Beauty 3-Pickup

    Just received my new axe, 20th Anniversary 1957 Les Paul Black Beauty 3-Pickup Few points attract me: 1. Custom Buckers 2. Deep-set neck tenon, hot-hide glued 3. 4.25kg (9.38lbs) weight 4. One-piece mahogany body & ebony fingerboard (I don't like to pay so much for paper) 5. Non-yellowed binding...
  2. Bigcat2017

    New Free-Way Easy Fit Guitar Switch 3X3-07 for 3 pickups wiring upgrade

    I just purchase a 3 pickups black beauty and survey the wiring upgrades. There are some solutions and I'm interested in Jimmy Pages's 6 way switch. Then I found the new product from Free-Way 3X3-07, it's pre-wired and make it much easier to install...
  3. Bigcat2017

    Anther official photo with defect...

    This is posted on official fan page an hour ago (guitar case this time)
  4. Bigcat2017

    Cheapest Gibson vs Most Expensive Epiphone

    Very interesting video from Rob Chapman & Lee Anderton! Somehow I believe the Epiphone gets better built quality :naughty:

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