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    Best options for zinc / zamac tailpiece?

    Hey guys, I am doing some experiments with tailpieces, height, locking vs non-locking, etc. Also, I'd like to try some different materials, currently I have stock Gibson zamac and ABM Brass one, Faber aluminium is on the way. I wouldn't want this to turn into discussion about differences...
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    Going from Faber InSert kit to Faber BSW kit

    Hey, I have a 2018 LP Studio with Faber InSert kit and their locking bridge. I liked what it did to my tone, so I decided to go with their BSW kit, which is advertised as a best tone enhancer of all 3 kits they offer for (originally) Nashville TOM - equipped guitars, as I always try to squeeze...
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    One note not sustaining on a 2018 LP Studio

    Hey guys, yeah, it's just one note; when I press D string on a fifth fret (G) it does not sustain as others. I get 7-8 seconds (barely), others are in 11-12 and more territory. I don't think it's a neck relief as everything else sounds fine between fifth and seventh fret, no buzz or sustain...
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    DR Tite Fits and Gotoh locking tuners on a LP - how to restring

    Hey guys, I recently installed Gotoh SG301 tuners on my Studio; tuners are great so far, I have nothing but good to say about them. However, I'd like to try a set of DR Tite Fits and I'm not sure what would be the best way to restring the guitar. DR recommend to crimp the strings before...
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    Gotoh tuners - which model as a direct replacement?

    Hey guys, I have a LP Studio, 2018 model with locking Grover tuners which I bought as a replacement for stock Grovers. However, new locking Grovers started to act weird as soon I put them on the guitar, they are not smooth at all, it's like they are moving in steps (if that makes any sense)...
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    2020 Studio VS Classic advice needed- woods and craftsmanship

    Hey guys, long time lurker, first-time poster here, greetings to all of you! I am trying to make a decision between Studio and Classic, from new "Modern" Gibson's line. Where I live it's impossible to find newer Gibsons, there are models from 2016. here, but nothing more recent. However, I did...

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