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  1. RussG69

    NGD!! 60s Iced Tea

    Pulled the trigger today on this beauty. It should be here in a couple days!!! Here is one of the pics from SW.
  2. RussG69

    Buying a Les Paul to refinish

    I love the new Les Pauls coming out. Specifically the new 60's Standard. But I have always wanted an all white with black hardware Les Paul. I'd like the opinion from you pros what I should buy knowing that I will be ripping it apart and refinishing it. Then end up with something comparable to...
  3. RussG69

    NGD 2019 SG HP

    My awesome wife got this for me because of a promotion I just got at work. Not to much time on it yet because of the birth of our second son but I'll get my time here and there. I have played it a little and so far so good.....
  4. RussG69

    New Christmas Present from my Wife

    She got me a PRS Tremonti SE. I haven’t had a chance to play i much yet but the little that I have has been great. These are the SweetWater pics cause I haven’t had time to take my own yet.
  5. RussG69

    My latest edition

    Here is my latest. A prophecy custom plus GX. This is the Sweetwater pic. I haven't had time to take my own yet. I love this guitar!!! It plays really nice. The neck is so smooth. I have only played it a short time but I think this will become my new favorite.
  6. RussG69

    Looking for a new "shredder"

    I am far from being able to "shred" but I thought it would be cool to add one to my collection. I respect the people on this forum so I wanted to get some of your opinions. I'm not looking to break the bank. I have about 550 to 650 to spend. I have been looking at the Epi Explorer EX. Also that...
  7. RussG69

    Happy NGD from my wife

    My awesome wife got me this for my birthday [/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG]
  8. RussG69

    New Edition to my Band

    I haven't had much playing time due to the new member but it will come. He was born on Thanksgiving Day!!!!!

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