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    61 zebra humbucker pickups.

    61 zebra humbucker pickups. with quick connect free shipping to USA. international shipping US$5.
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    Series/Parallel with 50s wiring.

    Hi everyone, me again, I'm trying to rewire my LPJ for coil-splitting, ( 2 humbucker, 2 tone , 2 volume.) Is there any Series/Parallel with 50s wiring? I think I'll wrie my LPJ with Series/Parallel: I know Series/Parallel have inauthentic single coil sound, but I don't like the "hum"...
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    change a studio pro for 60' neck ?

    Hello everyone, me again ! I'm thinking about rewiring my LPJ 2014 for coil-split or just change a studio pro 2014 to instead LPJ, because the studio pro 2014 have '60s SlimTaper, mahogany neck, Coil Split Push/Pull. I have small hands, I don't feel any big problem with ’50s Rounded...
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    Help my LPJ...

    I have a GIBSON LPJ with Chocolate (Satin) recently, I polished it with MUSICNOMAD GUITAR POLISH, then my LPJ turn to SHINE. And very horrible with the pores, I think the GUITAR POLISH are still in the pores... If I want my LPJ go back to stain, How should I do?? Help...
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    Some question with PCB.

    Hi everyone, I have some question on my PCB. what are these 2 points for? (both of the volume.) if I want to change pull/push, can I do it on my PCB? Thank you~
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    Pickups advice for LPJ 2014

    Hello everyone, I'm planning to change the pickups for my GIBSON LPJ 2014, I think my neck is to thick, and the bridge is too bright, so looking for a better choice. I'm watching the "Tonerider Alnico II" for neck and the "Tonerider Rebel 90 Humbucker" for bridge, or both the "Tonerider Alnico...
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    My first Gibson LPJ 2014

    Hi guys, This is my first post. :) I own my LPJ 2014 for about 8 months. but I'm still play not good. (I'm stupid :( I love this 120th mark, That's why I choose 2014 model :D Sorry, my English is not good. :cool: I'll try my best on playing guitar. :dude: Thank you for read...

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