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  1. brianugly

    Hey guy's I'm back

    Among other good things, I now have some legit people to play music with:)
  2. brianugly

    Hey guy's I'm back

    Hey everyone at MLP, longtime no see! Basically my life was thrown in a blender in october, and finally I'm doing great. I left everything I owned in SC(7 guitars, 3 amps, 1 cab, 1 piano...) and I'm living with my family again in Utah, and things are going great for me. I don't want to get...
  3. brianugly

    Input Jack on Acoustic-Electric makes strange popping sound

    Someone hacked my account and changed my profile information...thanks for the offer though!
  4. brianugly

    Input Jack on Acoustic-Electric makes strange popping sound

    Actually I recently moved back to Utah. I'll see if I can take some pics tonight. I tried using some contact cleaner, but when I plug the amp into a guitar, it still makes some scratchy, popping noises. The guitar is a cheap Rogue Acoustic Electric.
  5. brianugly

    Input Jack on Acoustic-Electric makes strange popping sound

    Hey guys, I haven't been on here for a while, but I recently got an acoustic-electric. When I plug any cable into the input jack, it makes a loud popping noise...Any ideas on how to fix the jack, or possibly clean it? Any help would be great, thanks!
  6. brianugly

    Show me them SEXY amps!

    Nice collection troyad!
  7. brianugly

    Vintage Cream Marshall C5...NAD

    I have to say that I have a love of the blond amps! If they didn't have those rattling problems I'd probably get one:)
  8. brianugly

    Need a faster amp...

    Yeah, there is slow, fast, and ultra fast. Line 6 are by far the fastest of the bunch.
  9. brianugly

    Show me them SEXY amps!

    Post it!!!
  10. brianugly

    Show me them SEXY amps!

  11. brianugly

    Cyg-30 Build

    Can't wait to see how it turns out Cyg--let me know if you need a guinea pig to test it out:)
  12. brianugly

    Cyg-30 Build

    What tube compliment are you thinking Cyg? Are you keeping it octal based and Cathode Biased?
  13. brianugly

    New Build - Tremolux Inspired

    What knockers! (Sank you doctor!) :)
  14. brianugly

    The Awsemo Headstock Mod

    Fuck man post the pictures already!
  15. brianugly

    1998 Fujigen MIJ Goldtop questions

    Dang Snaredrum, I like your guitars!
  16. brianugly

    Do chrome pickup covers alter sound?

    Actually, I had an experience with what you are asking. I bought a zebra "Fat PAF" pickup from GFS which sounded great in one of my guitars; so I bought another one, same pickup but with a nickel cover for another guitar. I have to say the one with the nickel cover sounds a little darker...
  17. brianugly

    the WIFES '03 Q.T. is done-pics

    Nice thought on using an emory board for the frets, I never thought of that before:)
  18. brianugly

    GFS Wraparound

    Their bridges should work just fine. I've used some of their electronics, pickups, pickgaurds and some hardware.
  19. brianugly

    "yeah thats not what I was looking for at all."

    Has anyone read the one entitled "foggot" ? LMAO!!
  20. brianugly

    NGD: Epi Dot Studio

    I've always thought that the dot studio would make a wonderful project guitar.

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