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  1. brianugly

    Hey guy's I'm back

    Hey everyone at MLP, longtime no see! Basically my life was thrown in a blender in october, and finally I'm doing great. I left everything I owned in SC(7 guitars, 3 amps, 1 cab, 1 piano...) and I'm living with my family again in Utah, and things are going great for me. I don't want to get...
  2. brianugly

    Input Jack on Acoustic-Electric makes strange popping sound

    Hey guys, I haven't been on here for a while, but I recently got an acoustic-electric. When I plug any cable into the input jack, it makes a loud popping noise...Any ideas on how to fix the jack, or possibly clean it? Any help would be great, thanks!
  3. brianugly

    A really good (quick) little video about Autumnal Equinox

    Who Knew? - Yahoo! News Check it out, I actually learned something new. :thumb:
  4. brianugly

    I don't know how many of you read Guitar World Magazine...(Jimmy Page content)

    A new Jimmy Page book...500 pages--its a pictorial autobiography. The pictures that were in GW magazine coming from the book were pretty cool, although I read that there will only be 2,500 of these printed? Anyways heres the link to the book...Enjoy! Genesis Publications - Jimmy Page - The...
  5. brianugly

    Does anybody here use

    If so, do you know where I can download the plugins? I've tried their forum but no luck so far. I'm trying to get the "reflection" effect...I can do it manually, but seems like the effect would be more useful. Thanks.
  6. brianugly

    I never do these kind of threads...

    But I feel like I know some of you guys are really good people. My wife lost her job this week, and so for the 3rd time in the past 8 months, we are without a stable income. We have enough savings to make it a few more weeks, and a really good budget, but it sucks nonetheless. Most jobs say she...
  7. brianugly

    DEATH WISH 2 is on AMC right now...

    Listening to some sweet Jimmy Page music:thumb: Anyone that hasn't heard the soundtrack can watch it if they want. Just heard a score where he uses his violin stuff:) I don't know about that synthesizer though!
  8. brianugly

    Ok I recently got another amp--and I have a question about ohms

    And I have a pretty simple question. The Amp is an egnater tweaker, and as many of you know, you can choose what to run the speaker ohms at: 4, 8, or 16. The cab I'm using is a Marshall 4x12, that can either be run at 4 or 16 ohms mono, or 8 ohms stereo. I am wondering if there is any...
  9. brianugly

    Join the MLP Egnater Tweaker Group!

    Anyone that wants to join can, either send me a PM or just click on this: I just got one of these little guys, and so far I'm impressed. Feel free to join! Tweakers Unite!
  10. brianugly

    Encomium: A Tribute to Led Zeppelin

    This album came out in 1995, and I remember listening to it as a kid...its been over 15 years since I listened to it; and I realized I couldn't even appreciate the songs on it...this one is amazing YouTube - robert plant & tori amos-down by the seaside Robert Plant and Tori Amos...
  11. brianugly

    Updated two of my guitars yesterday...(Pic Heavy)

    I posted a NGD thread about a 2009 Les Paul Custom Silverburst that I got a few months back: Before: And after playing it for a while, I decided the pickups left much to be desired. So I ordered a few...
  12. brianugly

    Alright, time for me to learn and grow

    I started playing guitar in 2003; and for a few years I was very in to it, learning many many songs, chords etc. I even wrote a few simple songs. Fast forward to today, I am nowhere near where I feel like I should be skill wise...I can make up chord progressions, play songs by ear, but what I...
  13. brianugly

    So it begins... the college football season...

    College Football Season...and my very own Gamecocks! I'm stoked to get to watch it in HD this year! Anyone else excited for college football?
  14. brianugly

    I've looked around, but I can't find a thread on how to properly wire pickup selector

    Can Anyone help me? I was in the process of rewiring one of my guitars to 50's style, and decided to replace the 3 way toggle switch, and I want to wire it correctly. If anyone could help me, it would be great. It is a Les Paul copy by the way (2 pickups, 2 vol, 2 tone).
  15. brianugly

    The Laugh of the Night You got to watch the whole thing...super funny!
  16. brianugly

    Weird Swelling of the hands

    This is a dumb question, so its fits perfectly in the backstage. I recently bought a pretty nice leaf blower to clear grass clippings off of my driveway, sidewalks, and porch. It works pretty well; and it only takes around 15 min or so to clear all the grass and other random stuff off of said...
  17. brianugly

    I'm getting a strange error every time I boot up my computer.

    Its a new dell inspiron notebook with windows 7. It works great, other than the last few days I've been getting this error when I boot it up: The only thing I can think that I changed, was removing the free McAfee anti-virus program the other day. Anybody have any ideas on how to fix...
  18. brianugly

    MLP Member JHollen is my hero

    I started the other thread about my home networking problems, and J. Hollen was able to fix all my problems and beef up my network security with no problems. I just wanted to thank a MLP brother for his help and selfless kindness. Thanks JHollen! (He is a networking champ)...
  19. brianugly

    I need some help from you networking experts

    Earlier this morning, the Time Warner Cable guy installed our new cable internet modem, which I then hooked to a new NetGear Wireless N router. I hooked the ethernet cable up to the desktop computer which works fine, and I was able to connect my laptop to the internet as well... I hooked up a...
  20. brianugly

    New (old) Duo Sonic Day

    Well, I stopped by a pawnshop I'd never seen before today, and lo and behold I found an interesting guitar, a MIM Fender Duo Sonic. It played alright, and has some potential, so I bought it for about $165. The only thing is the shorter scale neck, does anyone know if I can just use...

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