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    Calling all pickup experts

    I'm in the process of restoring the pickup harness on my 69' Custom. I've located the correct pots and caps but I am missing the buss grounding wire. Anyone have any idea where I can get the correct solid wire? I'm not sure of the gauge or the construction, or where to source it for that matter...
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    For Trade - Pickups, Strap, Pedal, Amp/Cab, Faber

    Looking to trade into a neck pickup or set of the following. Can add cash where needed. Pics coming later as I'm at work. WANT... -WB -OX4 -Wizz -Throbak -Motor City -Sheptone -Bare Knuckle HAVE... -Seymour Duncan Seth Lovers -Moody Black Leather/Cream Suede 1" Guitar Strap (Fender Style)...
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    FS - Throbak Dog Ear P-90

    Have one for sale with cover 9k relic'd version, long lead length, long A4 magnets. Pic coming (I'm at work) $175 shipped and Paypal'd.
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    FS - 1970's Colorsound Overdriver

    Same circuit as the Powerboost and made famous by the likes of Jeff Beck and David Gilmour. $325 shipped and Paypal' it away at this price.
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    FS - Orange OR15 Head

    Mint condition. Never gigged. $515 firm. Head Only.
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    Wizz Pickups - Double White - A4 magnets - w/ Rings

    SOLD Avoid the wait. Long leads. Specs on the box are: 7.7k 8.3k Covers included as is all of the original box, packing et al.
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    WTB/WTTF - Gibson R8/R9 plastic and parts

    I've decided to sell my 2008 R9 and the original plastic, pups and parts are long gone. I'm looking for any of the following to restore it back to stock: Tuners Knobs Input Jack Plate Caps Pots Poker Chip TRC Toggle Switch Cap Toggle Switch Nut Pickups Please let me know what you have. Thanks...
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    FS - Vintage Colorsound Overdriver

    $375 Shipped and Paypal'd. There are two on ebay with the other enclosure for $800+. Made famous by Sir David Gilmour and Jeff Beck during the 70's. It's in the middle of the pic.
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    FS - Over The Pond Guy OTPG Pickups

    This pair was made in the 80's (already over 25 years old), double cream with plenty of lead for me and I'm a lefty. OTPG covers installed and included is a signed letter from the man himself stating their authenticity and period of manufacture. Very nicely aged at this point. Because I'd rather...
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    WTB/WTTF - Analogman SunFace

    Really looking for a Sun Face BC109 but would consider other trannies. Please let me know what you have. Thanks!
  11. F - A stompbox trial subscription service

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    FS - WwBbb VeeTeePeeH's w/ aged nickel covers

    $180, double black bobbins, long leads on both.
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    FS/FT 80's Burny Super Grade Les Paul

    Very good condition, fret edge binding. Upgrades include green Russian PIO caps and WwwwBBBB VeeTPH pickups and covers. Hard shell Epiphone case (sorry, Burny cases are near impossible to find anymore). There's one just like it on eBay for $1380. $1100 shipped and Paypal'd. Would consider a...
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    Passing it on...saw it on CL...53' Gibby

    TRUE VINTAGE 1953 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop EXC
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    FS - Zhangbucker Woodbucker Dbl Cream Neck

    $80 shipped and PP'd. No cover, sorry. Plenty of lead. Humbuckers - Zhangbucker Pickups
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    FS - 1950's P-90's w/ black Throbak covers

    Will post pics later (I'm on the road). Have a set of Soap Bar P-90's with major mojo. These were originally Dog Ears and the tabs have been skillfully removed. I'm including a set of Throbak covers that were made specifically for this set so they fit perfectly. They measure 7.63k for the neck...
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    Not mine...passing it along 09' R8 for sale

    2009 Gibson VOS Les Paul R8
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    FS - Lefty set of Slider 69' Pickups

    I've been enjoying these for a few years. I just don't have a guitar to put them in anymore. These things rock! $250 Shipped and Paypal'd. Here is a thread with some buzz, a video review and some pics.
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    FS - Throbak PG-102 LTD's - Dbl Cream

    It pains me to do this as I've been waiting months to listen to these Peter Green pickups in a very special Les Paul but I need quick cash. I'm not even gonna torture myself by trying them in my R9. I just know I wouldn't be able to part with them if I did. Double cream bobbins and made with the...
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    No affiliation..just passing it along..56' Jr

    1956 LES PAUL JR

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