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  1. ACEit

    New Screwless Pickguard

    ok.. 3... it's a lot of time I haven't removed mine... :cool:
  2. ACEit

    New Screwless Pickguard

    it's very easy to modify every standard ring without holes... the issue is to find the pickguard with the two click tabs
  3. ACEit

    New Screwless Pickguard

    is on 2015 models ann on the 2016 HP models.. but as I know they don't sell it as a spare part but will give you one only under gaurantee if you broke your stock one
  4. ACEit

    What is the root cause of GAS?

    I always though that GAS doesn't come when you eat ROOT... but BEANS... :rolleyes:
  5. ACEit

    For the players who removed their custom buckers...

    CB on my 2016 r8 are the best of ALL my humbucker.... I mean... in THAT guitar they are awesome ... I have many other set on other LPs.. SG.... Prs.... the one that is NEAR the CB is a set of BK mules... in some ways they are even better... but "overall" CB are still more versatile.... eg...
  6. ACEit

    Gibson Reveals New 2021 Line-up

    yes... but you have 24 hours to play it before it BLOWS... :eek:
  7. ACEit

    Gibson Reveals New 2021 Line-up

    it's not a matter of black or white.. it's more a matter of music style.. no way a "rap" guitar player will have the chance to demonstrate he's a "guitar hero".... it's like steinway & son will made a signature piano for someone playing backgorund notes on a string quartet...
  8. ACEit

    Gibson Reveals New 2021 Line-up

    .. till next year... in a couple of years they will be so accurate You will need a de loreal to bring them home
  9. ACEit

    NFL 2020 Playoffs and Superbowl

    I had dolplhins zubaz in the '90s well... I always was a raiders fan... but when I asked for a zubaz at a friend of mine who was in the states for vacation... he came back with that aweful wiite orange green piece of cloth... tailored "vanilla ice" style... :cool: something like this
  10. ACEit

    NFL 2020 Playoffs and Superbowl

    when I was "young" I played qb for 12 years in italian championship, we call it "Serie a" it's the upmost level of our league... to me there is no fault in that play..... here in italy, when i was down, I knew that for 2 or 3 seconds after the refree call the end of the down I had to expect...
  11. ACEit

    Tuning the G slightly flat (or any other string depending on how and what you play)

    once I saw a video where james taylor explanined how he tunes his guitars.... I remember that NO strings where spot on.... for every one he explained why he tune them just some cents flat or sharp
  12. ACEit

    Trans Amber / Lemonburst Gibson Les Paul

    ..I think that if someone reliable will buy for him in the states and ship it.. he will even spare some money at the custom as the good will be a selling between non businnes people and should be declared as "used"
  13. ACEit

    Biggest drone display ever!

    just wonder.... all around the world we are speaking of chinese covid and we are locked in our houses... and in september chineses were playing with drones ... funny... :rolleyes:
  14. ACEit

    How much Ohm were the pots that came originally in a 2001 R7/R8/R9?

    I found 300 k pots even on a 2017 trad... and it sounded awfully. even 500 k are NEVER ever nera that value... usually they are between 430/460 k.. as almost ALL 500k cts standard pots . I ended up opening the pots and trimming them by myself... usually the vaules I found I like the best are...
  15. ACEit

    2016 Les Paul Standard - Needs something to change its tone. Ideas wanted.

    every guitar has it's "soul" .. no matter wich pickup you put in.... when I bought my 2017 trad is just the worst soundig guitar I had.. I used it as a labo trying every kind of mods to understand wich one is useful and wich not... now it is at the same level, if not better, with my R8 in order...
  16. ACEit

    What is this burst called?

    those are mine... in different lights from lefft to right 2017 trad Honey Burst 2016 r8 lemon burst 2016 trad light burst
  17. ACEit

    What is this burst called?

    lemon burst will pair w/ cherry back.. HB has "brown" back.
  18. ACEit

    MotoGP in 2020 >spoiler<

    .... I wonder if this one come back if he will still be fast. That's me interviewing him some time ago for the bike magazine I wrote sometimes. ... and NO... he will never ..ever come back... unfortunaltely
  19. ACEit

    LP standard ABR-1 bridge style

    I found that there are two main possible issues when you ear buzzing from the bridge zone... The first and most likely is an unproper cut saddle slot.. try to file a little and round it... usually is on G string. another issue it takes a long time to me to find out is the rigid ground wire in...

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