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  1. PeteNJ75

    Murphy Lab Pricing

    I've been really curious about these new Murphy Lab R9s, but I just saw a couple of new ones pop up on Reverb, and they're listed for $10,500. Holy crap. Back in 2019-2020 your run of the mill R9 had an MSRP of $6499, which was already a significant increase from 2018. Have Murphy-aged R9s...
  2. PeteNJ75

    What to do about a (possibly) fraudulent dealer?

    I'm not sure if this is the right area of the forum to post this in, but I recently bought a vintage Les Paul Custom from a dealer on Reverb (and Ebay) who I think is possibly running a really shady, untrustworthy scam amounting to fraud. Sorry for the length of this, but I want to give you guys...
  3. PeteNJ75

    Unpotted pickups problems

    Don’t get me wrong, I *love* their tone and know they’re more historically accurate, but my band does mostly 90s alternative rock, and plenty of those songs need a lot of gain. Not heavy metal gain, but thick, big, saturated hard rock gain (for certain songs), and unfortunately for me, these...
  4. PeteNJ75


    Please delete, thanks.
  5. PeteNJ75

    Shipping a Guitar from the EU to the U.S.?

    Hey guys, not sure if this is the place to post this question, but I am trying to buy a guitar from a member here in Sweden (I’m in the NYC area) and wondering if anyone here has any experience doing this. Basically we are trying to find the cheapest yet safest way to do this, but the DHL quote...
  6. PeteNJ75


    I know it's a long shot but what the hell. Looking for the VOS version of the Joe Perry/Slash dark burst R9. Trying to avoid having to buy on Reverb. Name your price. Thanks!
  7. PeteNJ75

    WTB: Late-60s or 1970s Les Paul Custom Parts

    I know this is a long shot, but I'm looking to restore a '71 LP Custom (ebony) back to stock form if possible, so need a few random parts that were replaced over the years. They don't have to be '71 specifically, though that would be nice - really any late 60s or 70s parts would work. I'm not...
  8. PeteNJ75

    CC#1 Historic Makeovers Greeny Conversion

    tl;dr: I gave my CC#1 VOS Green/Moore to Historic Makeovers to age like the real deal Greeny and it's looking killer. Brazilian board and the works. All hardware and plastics have been aged to match the real 59 by Vintage Haven and I commissioned a custom-wound set of PAFs from Re-Wind...
  9. PeteNJ75

    Delete - not in the market anymore

    Found my guitar - you can delete this thread.
  10. PeteNJ75

    SOLD: 2019 60th Anniversary BRAZILIAN R9 - Duke Burst Lookalike!

    SALE PENDING. Super rare - one of only a handful of Brazilian 60th Anniversary R9 Les Pauls released in 2019. Perfect, mint VOS condition. Sounds AMAZING and plays just as well. Truly one of the best I've heard. Has been confirmed by Gibson as 1 of only 5 60th Anniversary Brazilians made with...
  11. PeteNJ75

    New Brazilian Run

    Not sure if anyone else noticed, but Dave's Guitar Shop has a ton of new Brazilian R9s... more than I've seen all year combined, there must be 50 of them. A few gut reactions to seeing these: - It's...
  12. PeteNJ75

    WTB: Dark/Tobacco/Kindred Burst R8/58 Reissue

    Looking for an R8 with a classic dark burst finish. Tobacco burst, Kindred Burst, whatever you want to call it, but I want it dark. Ideally under 9 pounds, and made within the last 10 years, though I would consider older. Thanks!
  13. PeteNJ75


    Delete please - no longer looking.
  14. PeteNJ75

    New Family Photo - Wall of Brazilians

    I’m building a guitar room and finally got all the hooks up, so was able to display all my LPs together. Just thought it looked super cool so wanted to share. It’s gonna look even better when the lights are installed. (And yes, I know I really need a Custom... soon!) From L to R: 2018 R9...
  15. PeteNJ75

    NGD: 60th Anniversary R9 - Kindred Burst

    Just picked this beauty up from Curt at House of Guitars (awesome store). I'm embarrassed to admit how far I drove to go get it, but I *really* wanted one of these, so it was worth the schlep. 2019 VOS Kindred Burst 60th Anniversary R9. Gibson used this guitar in a bunch of their promo shots on...
  16. PeteNJ75

    Post Your “Family” Photos

    Half the reason I come to this forum is to drool over other people’s guitars, so I thought we needed a thread like this. After doing a bunch of buying and selling over the past couple of months I finally feel like I have my little collection (if you can even call it that) where I want it, for...
  17. PeteNJ75

    NGD: 2018 Wildwood-Spec Murphy Painted & Aged R0 w/ Brazilian Board (one of only 6 made, ever)

    This was a case of incredibly lucky timing. I learned Wildwood had 15 Brazilian R0s made over the past 2 years, so I knew it was a real long shot to find one, but I just so happened to write Steve asking about them the same day (same hour?) this became available (someone had it on layaway but...
  18. PeteNJ75

    NGD: 2018 R9 Brazilian VOS - Vintage Lemon

    Big thanks to Curt at HOG for this beauty. It may not have the "prettiest" top, but it's pretty damn cool and unique, and it plays like butter - super resonant and light too (8.3 lbs). Sounds awesome and almost no fret buzz even though the action is super low across the board. I'm probably...
  19. PeteNJ75

    WTB: Custom Shop 1960/R0 Les Paul w/ Brazilian Fretboard OR CC#1

    Hey guys, If anyone out there would consider selling one of their 1960 reissues with Brazilian board (there were just a handful made for Wildwood Guitars over the past 2 years), you would seriously make my year. OR, I'd also love to find a Collector's Choice #1, the Green/Moore/Franks Les...
  20. PeteNJ75

    2003 Custom Shop 1959 R9 Les Paul Historic Reissue w/ Brazilian Fretboard - SOLD

    Up for sale is my 2003 Gibson Custom Shop 1959 R9 Historic Reissue in washed cherry finish with verified Brazilian rosewood fretboard. I'd say 9.3 out of 10 condition. Just some buckle worming on the back in a small area, but nothing through the finish and no dings or marks on the top. Speaking...

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