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  1. alk-3

    FS: Gary Rossington Custom Shop Tom murphy Aged Les Paul

    Up for sale is my 2002 Gary Rossington Custom Shop Les Paul, aged by Tom Murphy. This one has a particularly nice flamed top on it, and comes complete with original Lifton style case, and display case for wall mounting. I have many detailed photos of the guitar for those interested that i can...
  2. alk-3

    How to ship a guitar LEGALLY with CITES permits.

    Hey All. I'm not really sure where to post this thread, as it really pertains to anyone with a rosewood guitar these days..if it belongs elsewhere maybe a Md can move it... This is a post I’ve sort of wanted to do for a while now, and finally just got the urge to do it. This will probably be...
  3. alk-3

    1958/63 Explorer build

    Hey all! thought I'd share a new build with you guys. I have not done one of these threads in quite some time, Some time back (2 years maybe by now?) a good friend came to me with a project to build a very accurate 1958/63 Korina explorer. It was to be as accurate as possible. I have always...
  4. alk-3

    WTB Vintage 50's and early 60's beaters/projects

    Looking to purchase 50's or early 60's les paul Jr.'s or standards or SG's with serious damage for restoration purposes. Even those guitars that are beyond any hope of repair will be considered for their parts (like their fretboards). please let me know! [email protected]
  5. alk-3

    Explorer tuners

    Hey guys. I am looking for some explorer tuners, but am having a hard time finding them. In '63 Gibson sold several original explorers that were painted in 1958 (58 serial numbers) but had the 60's tuners which were Kluson 6 on a plate, but they were fender spacing, which is 15/16 centre to...
  6. alk-3

    custom case

    Hey Guys. I am working on a new line of guitars. One of the design points calls for a compact design that can be easily travelled with, but is not a "travel guitar". I am looking to find a case manufacture to work with me to make a good high quality case that is also compact and light weight. It...
  7. alk-3

    MLP/Bartlett Retrospec Giveaway!

    Hey everyone. Alex and I have been talking about doing this for the better part of a year now, and finally we have decided the time has come! I will be building a guitar, and it will be raffled off to a member of the forum. Alex will fill everyone in on the details of how to enter, and will...
  8. alk-3

    Bartlett 'RetroSpec'

    Hey Everyone! So I guess we have been 'outed' on a couple of threads recently :laugh2:, mainly this one: so we all thought maybe it's time to come clean… This is basically the story of how this guitar came to be...
  9. alk-3

    new 'Burst introduction

    Hey everyone. I thought you guys might like to see this guitar. It's an 'uncirculated' burst that I've had in the shop for the last few (several) weeks. It's not all that often that these come through the shop, so I took the opportunity to photograph it well, as well as document every last...
  10. alk-3

    1960 es-335

    Thought you guys might be interested in this. I've had this 335 in the shop for the last couple of months. The owner brought it in to have some minor electrical work done to it and said i could measure it up and take my time with with it. I though why not show it to you guys. It sounds as good...
  11. alk-3

    Ground wires

    Does anyone have a source for 19AWG pre-tinned solid bus wire? my local supplier has gone belly up. I have plenty of the thinner wire to go from tailpiece stud to pot, but i need the stuff that goes from pot to pot on the harness.
  12. alk-3

    'Dead-Head' sander

    Hey everyone. I've been working on this sander for neck shaping. its called a dead head sander, with the sander's head shaped to make les paul necks. its working really well, but it has one small problem: When it's in use, the sandpaper belt slips on the power roller due to not enough friction...
  13. alk-3

    MLP Bartlett Build

    Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I built anything and shared the process here on the forum, so I thought now is as good a time as any! I’m about to start building a guitar so I thought I’d document it as well as I can, and share the process. I am very lucky in that I have...
  14. alk-3

    Bartlett Conversion

    Hey everyone. I just wanted to show everyone this latest conversion. It came to me as a complete, but pretty butchered '53. The original plan was to keep the top, but it had been very badly over-sanded at some point. It was pretty badly abused with terrible fretwork, part of the neck binding...
  15. alk-3

    New Gold Top

    Hey guys. This is my new gold top. I've been working on it for a while, and finally finished it up! Hope you like it!
  16. alk-3

    Fingerboard binding tips

    Hey everyone. So I've been getting a lot of questions about how to thin the Royalite binding down for use on the fretboard. I was working on some of this stuff today so I thought I'd take some photos and post it up... The binding comes 3/8" wide, and .100" thick so it's about twice as thick as...
  17. alk-3

    Royalite Binding

    Just a quick heads up. We finally are able to offer the royalite binding for pre-order. We've (all) been waiting for what seems like ages to get it, and after a great deal of effort and expense, it's finally here. Royalite Binding Here is a quick photo showing the colour compared to a 57...
  18. alk-3

    One Piece Tops?

    Hey Guys. I picked up some new lumber today for our tops, and I had the chance to grab some very wide boards. Any interest in one piece tops, or should I make these into flitch matched tops?
  19. alk-3

    Bartlett build

    Hey everyone. I'm just getting into a new build, and in order to document the build for the customer I'm taking photos along the way. I thought I'd post them here for you guys to see as it progresses. I usually don't document these builds much, just the odd progress picture for the client, but...
  20. alk-3


    Well, we got them done! Magnus worked his modelling magic and designed a great layout! We had the proofs printed earlier this week, and after a bit of correcting and rearranging we finally got the first run printed. :dude: Thanks to everyone who ordered durring the 'pre-order', you'll be...

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