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  1. SlaytanicDude

    New leather strap..

    ...but it doesn't fit Schaller strap locks. I can get it onto the piece that goes onto the strap, however I can't fit it onto the wider part so I can secure it. The way it goes onto the strap also makes it nearly impossible to pull the release button without pulling the strap itself. Any...
  2. SlaytanicDude

    Classical Guitar string recommendations

    Can someone give me some advice on a good brand of classical strings? Looking for nylon strings, not gut.
  3. SlaytanicDude

    Spider Chord

    Figured somebody here will find this useful. YouTube - Dave Mustaine - Spider Chord Hand Changes demonstration Even if you won't use it in a musical purpose, learning it will still be beneficial as it will help dexterity.
  4. SlaytanicDude

    Tube hater in the family

    I told my dad I wanted an amp that had tubes in it. He immediately tells me that tubes will be giving me nothing trouble and are inefficient to run, and he's never liked his experience working with them. All I had to come back was tubes are for great tone and you got to work for that tone. Was I...
  5. SlaytanicDude

    How I got a free guitar

    So back in December I went to Guitar Center looking to buy a guitar, ended up leaving with an Epi SG and amp pack for $250 (I had my teacher pick the best playing guitar, wasn't fooled into it by a GC croonie) and I also got the 2 year insurance policy for $50. At first I thought the $50 would...
  6. SlaytanicDude

    WTF is up with Sam Ash?

    Does anybody know what was the reasoning behind closing Manny's to open up another section of Sam Ash, when they already had 3 outlets on that street and owned Manny's already. Just seems to stupid. If anybody's wondering what I'm talking about, the Sam Ash on 48th St. in Manhattan. They already...
  7. SlaytanicDude

    Orange Crush vs. Peavey Vypyr

    Which one would you recommend? I'm in need of an amp, and want to keep it under $250. I can get either easily, so availability isn't an issue. I do mostly metal stuff, with some blues and rock as well.
  8. SlaytanicDude

    So my guitar's in the shop for a week

    It's so bizarre to not have it. I played everyday since I got it six months ago, now I have to find something else to do, since it was my only one. Any of you guys find yourselves as bored without your guitars? It's also funny how once you develop a habit, when it's gone you can't remember what...
  9. SlaytanicDude

    $800 for a Faded LP, $700 for a Faded SG

    Buy Gibson Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar | Solid Body Electric Guitars | Musician's Friend Buy Gibson Faded SG Special Electric Guitar | Solid Body Electric Guitars | Musician's Friend I wonder if this is a long term price drop, either way very cool.
  10. SlaytanicDude

    Show your Dinkys and Soloists

    This is another cool guitar Jackson makes, post your pics if you got one.
  11. SlaytanicDude

    V shaped guitars pics thread

    This is probably my favorite shape for a guitar. Anybody got any pics of their v shaped guitars? Rhoads, Flying Vs, King Vs, Deans, BC Richs, whatever make or model post your v guitars.

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