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  1. rjwilson37

    How many guitars to get to your #1

    My new #1 is my Joe Bonamassa Les Paul Custom Black Beauty, just a stellar guitar all around. It came setup perfectly and is still setup perfectly. I have purchased about 25 guitars over the past 10-15 years and my Les Paul Custom Figured top was my #1 for a few years after I got it. I have...
  2. rjwilson37

    I need the cheapest blank TRC out there

    The price of a blank TRC generic or otherwise is cheap, I wouldn't worry about it and just get the right one that fits. I would not want to get one and it doesn't line up right and have to send it back and get another one.
  3. rjwilson37

    NAD - Blackheart Handsome Devil

    I have been messing around with gain pedals on my Line 6 HX Effects, trying to decide which sounds best through this amp setup, and I have settled on one that is pretty versatile giving me some great gain and tone. I can also dial back the volume and it cleans up nicely, with just a small bit...
  4. rjwilson37

    NAD - Orange TH30C

    Congrats, definitely a great amp! I had one for a few years, the TH30 head with the PPC212V cab both in black looking killer and the gain is to die for. I hope you enjoy it for many years to come. :dude:
  5. rjwilson37

    My Epiphone LP is better than my Gibson LP

    I'll tell you what... I picked up my Epiphone Joe B - Les Paul Custom Black Beauty to jam on today, it is so sweet to play, the feel is very smooth and the guitar just whales, such a great tone and growl to it. I had my Epiphone LP Modern setup professionally and it is nice, but just not as...
  6. rjwilson37

    Epiphone Jared James Nichols Gold Glory

    I do like that the Gold Glory has the new headstock for sure! :thumb: I love what was stated above, I would like to see the Black one with the new headstock. I think the Black one is nicer and sweeter looking than the Gold One.
  7. rjwilson37

    PSA: Vox MV50 Clean with 1x8" Cabinet $149.99 Shipped @SW

    I just picked up a Vox Night Train (15/7) watt head that is in excellent condition, because I wanted something with that nice vox chime to it, but did not want a big AC/15 or AC/30 amp. Maybe if I had seen these Vox MV50's before I ordered that, I may have gotten one. But, I had the Night...
  8. rjwilson37

    PSA: Vox MV50 Clean with 1x8" Cabinet $149.99 Shipped @SW

    Congrats, does it give you that Vox Chime?
  9. rjwilson37

    New Marshall amp day!

    Yep... You people need more amps for sure, because 3 or 4 are not enough. :laugh2:
  10. rjwilson37

    New Marshall amp day!

    Congrats, nice little amp for getting that Marshall tone that we all love.
  11. rjwilson37

    Epiphone Jared James Nichols Gold Glory

    A little to plain for my taste, maybe just a little to simple to attract my attention.
  12. rjwilson37

    Epiphone '59 Les Paul Coming

    I think what it comes down to, is that Epiphone has stepped up it's game in 2020 and you don't need to buy an Epiphone Special Limited run with Gibson pickups and special options to get a great Les Paul from them.
  13. rjwilson37

    Epiphone '59 Les Paul Coming

    These are readily available at both Guitar Centers by me. So I went in to pick one up and tried the Dark Cherry Burst and a Dark Burst. Both sounded different, the Dark Burst was at least 1lb heavier and had a darker tone than the Dark Cherry Burst which was about 8.5 lbs give or take a...
  14. rjwilson37

    My Epiphone LP is better than my Gibson LP

    I tried a couple of LP 59's tonight at GC. I am not impressed, sure it is nice, but not much different than I already have for the most part. Sure I like the Aged satin finish look and it felt good and sounded good, but all my guitars feel good and sound good. I just couldn't justify spending...
  15. rjwilson37

    My Epiphone LP is better than my Gibson LP

    I have the money to really purchase any guitar I want, I do still have my Gibson Custom Limited Run Les Paul Custom Figured Top Yellow Widow Burst. How is that for fancy long yuppie name for a guitar. haha Anyway, after getting my Joe Bonamassa Epiphone Les Paul Custom Black Beauty, a copy of...
  16. rjwilson37

    My Epiphone LP is better than my Gibson LP

    +1 - I have had quite a few Gibson Les Paul's and Epiphone has really stepped it up this past year and I hope they keep this going forward. It's great to know that if Gibson USA goes under, that Epiphone LP's will still be around for a great guitar. Some of the higher end Epiphones, like the...
  17. rjwilson37

    My first Gibson

    My first Gibson was the L6S, 24 fret with a 5 way toggle switch. Great guitar with easy access to upper frets.
  18. rjwilson37

    Are the Marshall Class 5 different sounding than the Origin 20C

    After playing an Origin 50 at GC, I actually like the Class 5 tone more than the tone from the Origin. Way back when the Class 5 first came out, I was tossing things up between the Blackheart Little Giant, the Class 5 and the Egnater Tweaker all in Combo versions. I actually ended up getting a...
  19. rjwilson37

    NGD! My very first Gibson...Les Paul standard 60’s

    Very nice, congrats. What year is this one?
  20. rjwilson37

    Almost NGD - Modern LP

    Congrats, Photos please! :photos:

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