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  1. WaywerdSon

    Buckers vs mini-buckers vs P90s

  2. WaywerdSon

    Pretty cool interview from a veteran guitar slinger
  3. WaywerdSon

    Hello Cleveland!

    Browns make the playoffs for the first time in almost 2 decades
  4. WaywerdSon

    Kansas man = to or > Florida man?
  5. WaywerdSon

    Wanna feel more insignificant than you ever have in your whole life?

    Fascinating and depressing all at the same time
  6. WaywerdSon

    A war of attrition for the Cup

    After skating a OT game last night in game 4, game 5 is now going to OT #2. These is some wore out boys. I love NHL post season
  7. WaywerdSon

    RIP Lee Kerslake

    I was hoping he would live long enough to piss on Sharon Osborn's grave
  8. WaywerdSon

    RIP Todd Nance - drummer for Widespread Panic
  9. WaywerdSon

    Iowa Derecho

    Somehow amidst all the utter bullshit the national news is spewing these days, somehow the second largest city in Iowa being devastated by a storm managed to not get hardly any attention at all. They estimate at least 1000 buildings damaged beyond repair and half of the trees in the city have...
  10. WaywerdSon

    Meanwhile, in the South China Sea

    While everybody is busy watching everything else, the US Navy throws a massive show of force into the SCS theater
  11. WaywerdSon

    Largest $$$ Contract in Sports History

    Patrick Mahomes - 10yrs $477 million, with bonuses could be $502 mil. Can you say dynasty?
  12. WaywerdSon

    Best Cover of "I Can't Explain"

    This should have been released. Easily as good as the original and vastly better than the Scorpions version
  13. WaywerdSon

    I do believe its time to give up music

    I cant play even one of these instruments half as well as this cat plays all of them. How the hell do you have time to practice each one enough to be that good?
  14. WaywerdSon

    As if shit aint bad enough already, now there's this

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