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  1. jbylake

    NGD - 2018 Standard in Mojave Burst

    I had burstbuckers in a Studio that I have. Didn't like them either. Replaced them with "Pearly Gates". I love that guitar's sound now, however, for some odd reason, I rarely play it. Go figure.. Less complicated is good too. I've got a Trad Pro V that has phase, coil tap and split. I'll...
  2. jbylake

    What has happened to The Used Guitar Market Pricing?

    The current situation has an upside. Gives you the incentive to buy new, when used prices are so high, you can justify the difference in price.
  3. jbylake

    NGD - 2020 USA Les Paul Standard 50's WW Select

    That is one sweet looking LP !
  4. jbylake

    Is This Normal?

    Sorry about that. I misread your post somehow. Didn't mean to put words in your mouth. And yes, Sweet Water is very easy to deal with in my experience. Enjoy your new guitar, now that you have the info you need and can breathe easy.
  5. jbylake

    Is This Normal?

    I see a SweetWater label there. Are they the "Vendor". If so, I seriously doubt that it's a forgery. I don't think theiy're going to risk a multi-million dollar operation, and jail time just to screw one guy out of a few bucks on forgeries, snuck in throught the back door. That's why I shop...
  6. jbylake

    Gibson LP Traditional PRO V

    Mine is the Cherry Burst Flamed Top. Love playing it.
  7. jbylake

    is this real mahogany gibson 2002 studio lp?

    My Studio was built in 2016. It was a model that was limited, it only came in three colors, all faded. Mine is the faded Wine color. I think it came in faded Wine, Brown and black?? I'm thinking about $600 USD, I bought a mint 2016, faded wine color for $650 USD, and installed some Pearly...
  8. jbylake

    Is there something not right about this one?

    Walk into GC, Sweetwater, Local mom and Pop's and buy locally. New if possible. That way you'd know forever that it's is what it is.
  9. jbylake

    Good Bad and Ugly

    I'm thinking you will want to kick your own ass too. One person mentioned it feeling off, from your acclimation to the Jr. I play Strat's, Tele's PRS and Les Pauls, and an EPI Casino. Ones a TRAD PRO V. First, let me tell you, when you're playing a number of different guitars in a day, or a...
  10. jbylake

    is this real mahogany gibson 2002 studio lp?

    Yes, call a decent Luthier/Tech and ask them how much to replace the nut, unless you can do it yourself. It's really not that expensive, and you can consider that in your offer to the seller. I didn't see that, but my eyes are "maturing".....
  11. jbylake

    is this real mahogany gibson 2002 studio lp?

    Everything looks right. There's a serial number on the back that you can look up on Gibsons website. Generally no body fakes guitars like this. Lower priced studio's wouldn't be worth it. Although it doesn't hurt to check, especially on high dollar Gibsons and other guitars, not everything...
  12. jbylake

    Who loves playing their Les Paul mellow and clean?

    I have a Trad Pro V, and I like to play with the split, tap and phase in clean mode too. A pleasant change once in a while.
  13. jbylake

    Charlie Daniels - RIP

    Listened to him ever since I was a teen. He'll be missed, that's for sure.
  14. jbylake

    I wish my Les Paul wasn't so perfect...

    Wow, I hope you're using protection, I wouldn't want to see one get pregnant.:naughty:
  15. jbylake

    Les paul over PRS

    Can't say that I completely agree with you, but you do bring some heavy advice to the table. Can't agree with you, because I have two LP's that, even with humbuckers, the body, wood and neck make a world of difference. Not better, but different. And I love it. The LP's just sound different...
  16. jbylake

    Les paul over PRS

    I have both. I like them both, for different reasons, and they are different guitars, obviously. PRS didn't build guitars to be "LP Killers". He had in his heart what would be the "best" guitar, in his mind. Your question sounds a lot like "apples over pears"? No one but you can answer...
  17. jbylake

    New LP Traditional or Trad Pro?

    Forgot. In your OP you asked about TRAD Buckers vs. Burst Buckers. I personally think the TRAD Buckers, which the PRO V have are really good. But that is super subjective, so only you can decide. I took the Burst Buckers out of my LP Studio, and replaced them with a set of Pearly Gates...
  18. jbylake

    New LP Traditional or Trad Pro?

    Don't you just love it when you ask a question and are "told" to do something else? You won't go wrong with either one, the "Tradiditional" in satin finish will probably be the most reasonably priced version. I (fairly recently) bought a new TRAD PRO V, because it had all the bells and...
  19. jbylake

    I wish my Les Paul wasn't so perfect...

    Did you buy it to look at, or to play it? Is it a "barbie doll" or a guitar. The best way not to get chips and scratches is to keep it in the case except to pull it out to polish every now and then. If you're a player, then play the friggin thing. Chips and scratches will happen. So is the...
  20. jbylake

    Burstbucker Pro is awful!

    Changed out the Burstbuckers in my LP Studio, with Pearly Gates PU's and as others before me have said, they sound increadibly better than the Burstbuckers. Really great and takes on pedals with no problem.

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