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  1. Eternal Scar

    ESP KH3 - 16 year old me is excited

    I bought the ESP when they first came out.Didn't like the bolt on neck so I sold it.
  2. Eternal Scar

    RIP @ Zakmichael:(

    R.I.P Mike
  3. Eternal Scar

    EVH dead at 65

    Thank you for everything EVH!! R.I.P
  4. Eternal Scar

    SOLD SOLD SOLD 1980 Gibson Les Paul Custom

    Beautiful looks a lot like my 78 LPC.Whoever gets this will love it!
  5. Eternal Scar

    "Rhoads" hanging out with a couple of friends

    Love RR and that 74!
  6. Eternal Scar

    1983 Pearl White Custom

    Love it!
  7. Eternal Scar

    1974 Gibson Les Paul Custom

    Love it!
  8. Eternal Scar

    Standard Faded Color Change?

    I also have a 05 Faded that I put in window for an entire summer and it faded a lot.
  9. Eternal Scar


  10. Eternal Scar

    Pre-NGD: 1974 Les Paul Custom Alpine White

    That is for sure a grail guitar! RR is one of my hero's too I would love to own that one!
  11. Eternal Scar

    Incoming....78 Les Paul Custom

    The more I play this guitar the more I love it!!
  12. Eternal Scar

    Pre-NGD: 1974 Les Paul Custom Alpine White

    Love it congrats!!
  13. Eternal Scar

    Happy Birthday to Me... (muscle car content)

    Nice.When I was young my uncle had a 69 SS 396 stick car man that thing was scary fast!
  14. Eternal Scar

    Thrones S8 Premier Tonight!

    I am thinking another dragon will show up.
  15. Eternal Scar

    NGD LPC -77

    Love that!!
  16. Eternal Scar

    NGD '79 Custom

    Really cool congrats!
  17. Eternal Scar

    Sparkle Burst is finally done !!

    Really cool!
  18. Eternal Scar

    NGD...This one pleases me.


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