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  1. Robus


    Anyone know what is happening over there?
  2. Robus

    Marshall Origin 20 v 50 watt head

    Anybody else pondering this question? Always looking for new tones for recording. I've had a lot of success with amps in the 15-25 watt range, so I am drawn to the 20 watt head. But I wonder if the 50 watt head might bring something different to the tone palatte, apart from being louder. I...
  3. Robus

    Send\Return pedal?

    Hi. I am looking for a pedal that I can put in the loop of my Mesa V:25 that will let me dial in the amount of signal that goes to other pedals in that loop. I have noticed some tone suck from the full signal running through the pedals. So I would like to run the pedals on full and dial in the...
  4. Robus

    Recommend a clean boost

    I'm looking for a pedal to boost the signal of my Tele going into a Mesa 5:25. Just a little extra juice to smooth it out for clean to edge-of-breakup. I'm not looking for an overdrive or dirt pedal. The closest thing I have is the Bogner Blue that gets close to a clean boost with the...
  5. Robus

    Anyone using fewer pedals?

    I count about 30 pedals gathering dust on my shelf: distortion, overdrive, compression, reverb, delay, flangers, chorus, etc. The only one I use with any frequency is the Flashback delay. What's gotten into me? Years ago "my sound," as I thought of it, was heavily processed. I'm not...
  6. Robus

    Tele pickguard change: Improvement?

    Decided to swap out the stock white pickguard for a tort on my late-90s American Standard Tele that I bought new around 2000. This guitar is getting the most play lately and is the one I always seem to come back to. It's a fantastic player. Very bright, singing tone that mellows out nicely...
  7. Robus

    My bass is edging out my six-strings!

    Has anybody else had this experience? About six weeks ago I bought a new American Jazz bass. I figured learning to be proficient on it would improve my musical understanding and sharpen my groove. I'm absolutely loving it! I've been studying and practicing on bass several hours every day and...
  8. Robus

    NGD: Jazz Bass

    I have gotten interested in studying bass lately so decided it was time to upgrade from the old Washburn that I bought in the late 90s. I wanted a Fender. I tried out a LOT of basses over the past few days. First decision: P or J. I like the simplicity of the P bass and the fact that it...
  9. Robus

    Recommend an A/B box

    With a switch to reverse the phase. What I want to do is jump the two channels on my Fender DRRI and insert some effects between the two. I'm told you have to reverse the phase when you do this, otherwise you get phase cancellation. Thanks.
  10. Robus

    Building the Hofner Beatle Bass

    Don't know if this has been posted before but found it interesting to watch. Building the Hofner Violin Beatles Bass - YouTube

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