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  1. Chester Drawers

    Don’t know where to start.....

    The human race never ceases to amaze (and dissapoint) me. WTF is a gender reveal device?
  2. Chester Drawers

    Eddie inspired Looks quite good.
  3. Chester Drawers

    Artists you just don’t get...

    Kind of inspired by the Bob Dylan getting sued thread... singers, players, bands that have sold boatloads of record, but (musically) you can’t understand why. I enjoy most genres of music, and am willing to give most things a listen, at least once. Just being on MLP, I’ve discovered so much...
  4. Chester Drawers

    "Classic" films (movies) you''ve never seen

    From a discussion at work. I've never seen The Godfather (or sequels) Blues Brothers Grease (apparently it's a classic!) White Christmas It's a Wonderful Life Psycho Friday 13th (nor any of the horror / slasher movies)
  5. Chester Drawers

    Not political, honest....

    Mods, nuke it if you feel the need. But, every time I hear the POTUS medical physician, Sean Conley, mentioned on the news, in an American accent, I think it’s Sean Connery. ”Well, Mr Preshident, I’m afraid you’ve teshted poshitive with the virush.” Just me?
  6. Chester Drawers

    OK, which Aussie MLP'er was it? :rofl:
  7. Chester Drawers

    Pussy Galore, no more. :(
  8. Chester Drawers

    Someone hasn’t thought this through.... “In space, no one can hear you be ridiculous.” :rofl:
  9. Chester Drawers

    Hypocrite Sorry Lewis, remind us what you do for a living.
  10. Chester Drawers

    Stan & Ollie

    Just watched on Amazon prime. What a wonderful film. I remember watching Laurel & Hardy as a kid, always loved them. Highly recommended.
  11. Chester Drawers

    Fender Player or Yamaha Pacifica?

    Think i’m looking for a Strat style guitar. I’m not a great player (don’t practice nearly enough), but do enjoy it. Also, i’m a leftie, which limits choice. Have been looking at a Fender player and now the Pacifica has caught my eye. For my level, is there a world of difference? Budget of...
  12. Chester Drawers

    How many of you have never left your country?

    Just wondering.... ‘Bling’s camping thread got me thinking and reminded me of a guy I met in Western Australia, who had never left the state, he was about 70 years old. I also met another fellah in Austria, who was abroad for the first time to see where his father was stationed following WW2...
  13. Chester Drawers

    Mod please delete

  14. Chester Drawers


    Couldn’t find my original thread about this, so... I bit the bullet and ordered these, arrived yesterday, Yamaha DTX452 All set up, and i’m at the “bash them all incoherently” stage. They sound pretty good to a drum virgin, (I’m sure the purists would wish me exorcised and sprinkled with holy...
  15. Chester Drawers

    Any drummers here..?

    Evenin' all... I was in a music shop in Old London Town, and had a play with an electronic drum kit. I've never sat near a kit in my life, but it felt OK. I consider myself to have a reasonable sense of timing and I was just bashing out a simple rhythm, (and i'm not aiming to be the next Dave...
  16. Chester Drawers

    Looks real enough to me...
  17. Chester Drawers

    MLP Weekly Preacher Feature??

    sorry Mal, last one.
  18. Chester Drawers

    MLP Weekly Teacher Feature??

    Inspired by Mal.
  19. Chester Drawers

    Amp buzz issue

    Hi all, Just bought a Yamaha THR 5 for practice. I'm getting a feint buzzing sound when plugged in. I'm not too technical on these things. Is it feedback?, I sit fairly close to the amp. When I move further away, it quietens, but doesn't go completely. I've checked all cables / connections, ( I...
  20. Chester Drawers

    Three chords, my arse...

    After many, many years, I finally got to see Status Quo last night. The original line up playing at the legendary Hammersmith Odeon. (It will always be the odeon to me). Fan-bloody-tastic. Played a lot of the earlier stuff, rather than the later dross. I had never really appreciated what...

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