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  1. Backstage

    So, What'cha listen to today?

    Gilmour with a delicious Tele tone ...
  2. Backstage

    Modeling Guy's: The new Marshall Code

    A new video from Andertons:
  3. Backstage

    New Vintage Amp Day!!!

    Congratulation and a very happy NAD.
  4. Backstage

    Best clean amp for pedals?

    Nobody mentioned Vox? ;)
  5. Backstage

    NAD-Fender Blues Junior

    Happy NAD .
  6. Backstage

    Great article on how to fix the Les Paul lineup for 2016.

    Very good improvements.
  7. Backstage

    The Song Name Game
  8. Backstage

    I Still Don't Believe I Scored This.

    Rock'n Roll All Night - happy NHD :D.
  9. Backstage

    The Song Name Game

    Behind Blue Eyes - The Who.
  10. Backstage

    335 opportunity

    If you are not 100 % sure what Gibson will do with this guitar stay away from it, better safe than sorry.
  11. Backstage

    Ngd cc26

    Absolutely beautiful - happy NGD.
  12. Backstage

    Walnut 72 Thinline Build

    A little late but congratulation on the build.
  13. Backstage

    Lollar Regal Wide Range Pickups Video

    I realy love Benoit's tone too but I was always too miserly to buy a pair Lollar - congratulation!
  14. Backstage

    NGD: 1959 ES 335 Reissue (2014/2015)

    Beautifully - happy NGD .
  15. Backstage

    Best Fender Tweed Clone

    Looks very nice. Why no 10" Speaker? Because of the Champ's tone characteristics?
  16. Backstage

    Pre-Eliminator ZZ Top

    Yep, listen to the old recordings that was re-released lately not the remastered sh!t.
  17. Backstage

    Any Richie Kotzan Fans Here?

    I like his Tele sound from time to time, sadly The Winery Dog album was horrible boring.
  18. Backstage

    Mark Knopfler

    Listen to the first song of this AVO Basel Session: What a beautiful tone!
  19. Backstage

    What pickups in your R?

    Bare Knuckle Mules in my R8. Classic Rock, Blues and Punk Rock. Looking for some Wizz.

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