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  1. DBCooper

    Zebra or Reverse Zebra? Aged Nickel?

    I was just about to pull the trigger on a set of Wolfetones and saw the options: zebra or reverse zebra? nickel or aged nickel? My inclination is to select zebra and nickel for both. But I'm wondering why there's a option for reverse zebras? Is it because some all-time favorite had his...
  2. DBCooper

    Replacement Pickguard question

    Years ago, i removed the pick guard from my '78 Les Paul Custom, which, of course, I misplaced. So I bought a genuine Gibson replacement part. Of course, the holes don't line up. And I don't want to drill another hole in the guitar. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  3. DBCooper

    Guitar polish

    What polish to do you recommend for a 70's Les Paul? Any to stay away from? I'm afraid of using something that will hurt the finish. Thanks.
  4. DBCooper

    Question - padded gig bag

    Does anyone have any recommendations for an inexpensive gig bag for an ES-335 copy? Thanks.
  5. DBCooper


    I was on this site many years ago (5?) and it seemed that everyone was constantly talking about Wolftone pups. Now it's rare to read anything about them. Did they fall out of favor?
  6. DBCooper

    Epi Sorrento 50th Anniversary

    Anyone try one of these? Good price especially with 15% deals. I'm just wondering how the neck feels (I prefer the thinnies). They look cool as beans.
  7. DBCooper

    Review of 2012 strat, anyone?

    Just curious.
  8. DBCooper

    Question - Blacktop Tele

    I was in GC today and saw a seafoam green blacktop tele with a rosewood fretboard. Thought the blacktops were silly when I first read about them. But this one in seafoam green looked really, really cool. And for $499 (lower if bargain w/ discount). I've read that the electronics are cheap...
  9. DBCooper

    holy cow

    when he starts out, I thought to myself, "I bet that's easier than it sounds." Then as he stops and explains what he's doing and adds what i think he refers to as "drumming technique" after about 1 minute in, it just becomes a "holy cow" moment. Tomo Fujita Slapping madness! - YouTube
  10. DBCooper

    Almost NGD

    I came so close to buying my first strat last night. i came home from work (afer a sh1tty day) and got an email saying that Musician's Friend was running a 15% off sale that was ending at 10 pm. I checked out the site and saw a used Olympic White Strat (USA Standard) w/ rosewood for $765. So...
  11. DBCooper

    Question: Split Screen Software

    Can anyone recommend an inexpensive, user-friendly program to video multi-track so i could record the rhythm with the camera on my Mac, and then record the lead, and then mix them together in a split screen? I just grabbed a random youtube video as an example. Need something cheap and easy to...
  12. DBCooper

    Knobs, pickguard.

    I have a wine red 1978 Les Paul Custom. When i was a dumb kid, I wanted to replace the black tophat knobs with gold ones. After removing two of the knobs, I liked the way the guitar looked and so for decades, my guitar has had only two knobs (hey, it pre-dated the Fender "relicing" trend)...
  13. DBCooper

    HEADS UP: Gibson 57 Classic Plus

    I just went on line and saw that is selling new Classic 57s Plus for $99 w/ no shipping or tax. I have absolutely no connection w/ that store. But I just ordered one up for the bridge of my ES335 copy and thought I'd share. I still need something for the neck. If anyone has a...
  14. DBCooper

    Any fans of The Replacements?

    Les Pauls and The Replacements don't seem like an obvious pairing, but here's 2 videos I did a while back. I just posted something in the Members Classified section begging for a deal on a used pair of PAF clones, so I thought that i should contribute something. "Answering Machine"...
  15. DBCooper

    WTB: Set of PAF clones

    I just bought a cheap ES335 copy. I'd like to replace the pups but, as always, money is a real issue. Besides, I don't want to buy a $250 dress for a mannequin, if that makes sense. So if some kind soul has an extra set of Classic 57s, Lollar Imperials, Sheptones, Fralins, Wolftones, etc...
  16. DBCooper

    Question re necks.

    IA few years back, I played a Sheraton 2 and absolutely loved the neck. I should have bought it but got an orange Gretsch 5120 instead. Does the ES-335 or any other ES model have the same neck as the Sheraton 2? Thanks.
  17. DBCooper

    Aged Grill Cloth

    I'm replacing the grill cloth on my 1978 Fender Twin Reverb. The toplex is torn in some places. Tubes were just replaced and I'm toying with the idea of selling it for something smaller (NOS Blues Jr. maybe) Anyone have an opinion as to whether it would have more resale value with aged...
  18. DBCooper

    Question for NJ members

    Can anyone recommend a shop in NJ where I can have the grill cloth on my late 70's twin reverb replaced? I know, I know, I should do it myself. But I would screw it up and it would look cruddy. Thanks.
  19. DBCooper

    Could someone please post

    a slow blues backing track. The slower, the better. Thanks.
  20. DBCooper

    Question re: Hardshell case on Ebay

    anyone have any experience with this? Is this an authentic Les Paul case? It says "TKL quality." i don't know if that means he thinks that it has the same quality as a TKL, or if he means it actually is a TLK case. Thanks. GIBSON LES PAUL USA CASE NEW UNUSED!! $77.90 - eBay (item...

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