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  1. FloridaSam

    NGD! The Tweed Ampocaster

    I saw this pop up on Facebook Marketplace today for $250 and I couldn't get it fast enough. I met the builder, a really nice guy, this was his second build and had much more $$ in it but has new ideas to build and wanted this to go to a good home, which it did. Body is all made from scratch...
  2. FloridaSam

    NAD '65 Fender Deluxe!

    I'd been eyeing this one for a while locally and pulled the trigger yesterday. I'm in the minority but I really dig the non-Reverb Deluxes. Smaller, lighter, cleaner and cheaper than it's reverb brother. This one is a true transition model as it has Post CBS face plates and Pre CBS tube chart...
  3. FloridaSam

    NGD! My first Custom Shop. R0

    I've been hunting for "The One" for about 16 years. Life, circumstances, other wants etc kept me from pulling the trigger. Today all the planets aligned. The color I listed after, the top I dreamed of, the perfect neck profile, and a price I would never see again. 2018 R0 Dark Bourbon Fade...
  4. FloridaSam

    Antiquity 2x neck pickups

    My GC had a mispriced set of Antiquities I picked up for $89.00 ea. The catch is they're both neck pickups. I've owned real PAFs, T-Tops, Pat sticker et Al in the past. There were no "neck/bridge" differences with these so I took a chance. I wanted a undereound, airy, honky tone for a bright...
  5. FloridaSam

    NGD! 1974 Byrdland.

    I haven't been to a guitar shop in over 3 months. Definitely the longest stretch in 35 years. I've been very fortunate during the quarantine time and finally today I got to go to my favorite shop. I sold z few things over the months so I had every intention of buying myself a bourbon burst R8...
  6. FloridaSam

    I've got your tags.

    I was going through some boxes of crap this weekend and found these two tags. If one of these belongs to your guitar, post a pic and I'll send it out to you. '59 Reissue 9-3553 R8 8-1861 I've had these probably since 2002-2004 .
  7. FloridaSam

    NGD! Explorer ...I'm in trouble

    After buying a Les Paul Jr. And a Les Paul Classic Custom this month I promised no more guitars this year. My pawn shop delivered again. I'm 99% sure this Explorer came from the same place the Classic Custom did. Both have the same upgraded tailpiece and same pickup change. Burstbucker pro in...
  8. FloridaSam

    NGD! 2011 Classic Custom

    What a difference 8 years makes. This has the *gasp* "burnt maple" fingerboard. I probably would have passed by this one then, I'm much less snobby today. I saw this at a local pawnshop today and I made a silly lowball offer, they accepted. Funniest part was the guy said, "The case is in the...
  9. FloridaSam

    NGD! 1963 Gibson Melody Maker D

    After spending all day yesterday at the Tampa get together, I had awesome gear overload. So much amazing stuff in one room. I'm from the East Coast of Florida and made a weekend of it in Tampa so I hit a few music stores Friday and today. I saw some really great used gear over there but this...
  10. FloridaSam

    NGD! 1980 Hamer Standard Custom

    Found this in a pawnshop today. Had to liquidate a few unused guitars in record speed to not let this one slip away. 04xx serial number. If not for the Kahler this would be my grail. At least the Kahler was done right and it plays great. I'm giddy over this one. Never in a million years...
  11. FloridaSam

    NGD! White Custom

    I went hunting for gear yesterday at some pawn shops. In the back corner of the last shop I hit was a very sad looking Epiphone Les Paul Custom. The strings were black with gunk, the frets were green, it had a layer of funk over the whole guitar. I knew I had to rescue this guitar and return it...
  12. FloridaSam

    NGD!! 2004 SG Standard.

    I stopped by a pawn shop last Sat and found this 2004 Gibson SG Std. for the no brainer price of $300 out the door. The catch was the ubiquitous headstock crack. I figured the price was well worth the risk and although it was filthy it cleaned and setup perfectly. It's super light (7lbs) and...
  13. FloridaSam

    Bought a case, got a free guitar!!!

    I have a new Gibson Les Paul Special (GC edition), I was looking to pick up a case for it as it came with a gig bag. I've had good luck at some pawn shops around town as sometimes (many times) the case sold with the guitar isn't the case that the guitar came in with and that sometimes leaves the...
  14. FloridaSam

    NGD! "Vintage" Cort

    I was searching some pawn shops for guitars today and found this gem. A made in Korea Cort LP copy. Solid 2 piece mahagony body with a thick maple cap that can be seen in the cutaway. I love the pointy cutway and the tasteful headstock. The quality of workmanship is extremely nice. I'm not...
  15. FloridaSam

    NGD! Les Paul Special

    I stopped by the Evil Empire (Guitar Center) to check out some of their clearance items today. I've bought used guitar there before but never a new guitar. I've always wanted a P-90 Les Paul but never owned one, I had a P-90 SG that I loved and sold in a fit of dementia. This is the Guitar...

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