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    Abr-1 non wire buzz and saddle screw loose

    I've searched the forum and there does not appear to be a definitive fix, aside from replacing the bridge... I am very nearly joining my bridge in having a screw loose over this guitar... And for the love of Christ please don't suggest visiting a guitar tech... not gonna drive 90 minutes and...
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    61r/t vs BB1/2 swap... Does anyone like that bridge pup?

    So I am now the happy and rather relieved owner of a 2 month old 60s standard with the aforementioned pickup swap. I was trying everything I could fathom to get a tone other than Billy Corgan singing while pinching his nose shut from the 61t .. ended up finding a set of alnico ii OG...
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    Crack in 2 week old standard 60's?

    Is This a crack or just a scratch? Brand new 60s Standard

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