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  1. SlaytanicDude

    A guitar for metal..

    Iron Maiden - Hallowed Be Thy Name (lyrics) - YouTube Can't find the musical elements eh? And many pop artists dress way more outrageously Also, if you like heavy guitars, maybe an Explorer will do nicely.
  2. SlaytanicDude

    Best beginner guitar for youngsters

    I dunno, those Epi kits seem alot better than most people make them out to be...mine plays alot better than every Gibby I've played in GC, but then again also better than most other Epis too so I might just have gotten lucky. I like the thin neck though (it's Jackson sized) so someone with a...
  3. SlaytanicDude

    What case are you using for your SG?

    I have an SKB hardshell for when I take the bus, and a generic softshell for when I have a private ride or the train-RoadRunner I think?
  4. SlaytanicDude

    Omg!!! What a piece of....

    The old American made BC Riches are good....nowadays, I think the Korean ones are the top of the line, I don't think they make production models in the US anymore, only custom..not sure about that though.
  5. SlaytanicDude

    Melodic Death Metal \m/

    They're pretty fucking awesome too :headbanger:
  6. SlaytanicDude

    You know that you sing out loud to these.

    Let's add to the party: YouTube - Necrophiliac - Slayer (w/ lyrics) Maybe you guys don't get the lyrics, but whatever, it's not gonna be everybody's cup of tea.
  7. SlaytanicDude

    Melodic Death Metal \m/

    At the Gates disagrees: YouTube - At The Gates - Blinded By Fear
  8. SlaytanicDude

    Melodic Death Metal \m/

    At the Gates. /thread
  9. SlaytanicDude

    Ear protection

    My ears have some right after playing loud, not for more than a minute though. Is that tinnitus or just a little ringing? Either way I'm gonna buy some plugs/filters/what have you... I play in a small room, so I have to watch my volume.
  10. SlaytanicDude

    Top 10 Albums of All Time

    No particular order: Black Sabbath-Black Sabbath Slayer-Reign in Blood Megadeth-Rust in Peace Iron Maiden-Number of the Beast Metallica-Master of Puppets Pantera-Vulgar Display if Power Ozzy-Blizzard of Ozz Van Halen- Van Halen Deep Purple- Machine Head Led Zeppelin- LZ II More...
  11. SlaytanicDude

    Death Metal?

    The only guys that play single coils would be early Iron Maiden, but even then they have humbuckers in some positions. Yngwie uses single coils too, but he's another story anyway.
  12. SlaytanicDude

    Death Metal?

    He has a sig Tele, with humbuckers in it, maybe he meant that.
  13. SlaytanicDude

    My new Jackson Kelly KE3 (MIJ)

    Nice Kelly :thumb:
  14. SlaytanicDude

    Max Cavalera from Soulfly only uses 4 strings!!

    Scott Ian from Anthrax has an old 80's Jackson Soloist he's using again now that has only 12 frets-he only plays rhythm anyway, so the rest aren't needed. Can't find a pic right now for some reason.
  15. SlaytanicDude

    Death Metal?

    That Tele isn't metal because it lacks a humbucker. No twanging in metal. :P About people emulating the lifestyles of rappers....being a metalhead is a lifestyle too, but it revolves around the music, listening to it on the CD and live, playing it, not going around killing priests and raping...
  16. SlaytanicDude

    Death Metal?

    Metalheads and emo kids are completely different animals. Metalheads have an appreciation for the music they listen to, we listen to it because we like it. We don't sit around feeling sorry for ourselves. Emo kids listen to the music because they feel it expresses themselves, so they have some...
  17. SlaytanicDude

    Good Luthier in NY?

    Second on the 30th St recommendation. Also check out Rudy's on 48th St, but they're more expensive.
  18. SlaytanicDude

    Zakk Wylde at The Iridium NYC...

    I'm gonna go get Ozzy to sign some stuff when he's at the Barnes and Noble of 5th Ave, maybe I'll stick around in the city for this...the signing is at 12:30 BTW for his new book.
  19. SlaytanicDude

    Is there any Modern Metal w/out growling vocals?

    Nevermore and The Sword as said before, and then there's a band called Protest the Hero that has a great singer who can actually sing and do all the growls too...All That Remains doesn't have the growls either I think, but I never really listened to them. There's also a band called Revocation...
  20. SlaytanicDude

    New leather strap..

    This is what I did...first I left them as far onto the strap lock as they would go and left that over night, then used other objects to slowly expand the holes until the straplock fit.

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