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  1. sonar1

    My Trad ProV woke!

    My GC Trad Pro-V has the little dip switches in the control cavity. With these one can switch out coil tap for coil split, reassign high filters and “transient response,” etc. One by one I turned on all five while playing and hearing. Woke the guitar up pretty nicely, and turned it into the...
  2. sonar1

    While my Strat gently weeps

    The winners of today’s shootout My ears have changed. Can’t hear Fenders much anymore. I need more grainyness
  3. sonar1

    NGD McCarty PRS

    Very versatile (coil splitters). Does Les Paul, Tele, close enough for my old blown ears.
  4. sonar1

    The playing experience

    Now that I no longer have to satisfy petulant keyboard players, and no longer get energy and feedback from 40 dancing drunks (AKA “my” people!), I’ve embraced my couch noodling as my recreational drug. I always tried to add styles of guitar playing that appealed to me, and now can play what I...
  5. sonar1

    Played all my electric guitars yesterday

    The winner! I love them all, but THIS ONE cooperated with what I thought I was trying to do. The others just wanted me to throw some meat in their cases.
  6. sonar1

    Couldn’t wait for a Tele

    Years ago I found myself briefly without a pickup truck for several months. ACK! Finally I had a friend drop me off at a dealer. Had to rectify that situation before I lost my mind. Welp, I’m on the list with Lt Dave at Desert Guitars for a Tele or Esquire build, or? I left my last Tele behind...
  7. sonar1

    Bass intonation bugging me

    Is it just me? The other day the Doobies’ “Listen to the Music” drove me crazy with how badly out of tune the bass lines were. At first I thought my Wave radio wasn’t accurately handling bass notes because of the labyrinth scheme they use but no, other songs sound in tune over the entire...
  8. sonar1

    Today’s couch noodler

  9. sonar1

    Saturday rig

    Wanted some Fender(ish) sounds today. The P-90S&T pickups look like P-90’s, but they are constructed differently. Maybe by elves in Trollhatten?
  10. sonar1

    Today’s rig

    My ears are ringing. Who knew “Six Days on the Road” was so loud at home?
  11. sonar1

    Jumped the gun on Sunday

    Figured I’d get some playing in tomorrow. Couldn’t wait. Started yesterday. Continued today.
  12. sonar1


    Fortunately I have a solution (even if it was a sunny day when I took the pic). Not too gloomy. I guess I’ll invent a seventh cool lick, even though six got me through about 50 years of gigs.
  13. sonar1

    Slash catch

    H Heavy. Sounds very much like my R9, but darker. Frets are slightly bigger I think. Heftier neck (slightly). Poor man’s R9 if I didn’t already have one. Not redundant though. I like ‘em both.
  14. sonar1

    Moving to hell

    Made a decision. As lovely as Santa Cruz has been for 46 of my 70 years, my daughter and family, and youngest son and family, live in Redding, CA It’s HOT there presently, but except for 3 months of the year, is fine. And my loved ones live there! No no, please don’t try to talk me out of it...
  15. sonar1

    Ass-teroid coming. Better buy toilet paper.

    This 6 meter roid might hit the earth about election time. 2020: sheesh
  16. sonar1

    NAMM version ‘64 SG Standard (RI)

    Sheesh. I just went in to get a pick guard bracket:
  17. sonar1

    NGD ‘07 Custom ‘68 RI

    9.9lbs; ‘57’s; ‘60’s slimline neck (not pinner though) Zero wear! No issues. ‘57’s work well in this guitar...
  18. sonar1

    Pulled trigger on a ‘58 ri

    8.9lbs; perfect neck; sounded best out of 4. Credit card still had room...
  19. sonar1

    New Esquire

  20. sonar1

    At least I have a Gibson to play while the world is closed...

    ... so there’s that. New Goldtop got here about the same time as officials began officially officiating what to do. Whew. Coulda got stuck playing something with the wrong scale length for the duration. I think I’m gonna sneak it over to a friend’s garage to jam a little on Thursday (covert...

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