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  1. Mr Bones

    MIM Stratocaster Classic 60s Neck Rosewood

    Classic 60's Rosewood Fender Neck. Off my last stratocaster. Best playing strat neck I've found. No buzz and frets are in great condition. Nick dark rosewood board. includes upgraded Kluson Tuners. $225 Shipped. PM or email for interest. Email faster: nhmorgan79 (at)
  2. Mr Bones

    Callaham Pre-Wired S Model Pickguard

    Details: 1-Ply White Pickguard (I've had this about 8-9 years now and the white has aged a little as you can see if you look around the removed knobs in one picture). 8-Hole '54-mid-'59 Aluminum shielded Callaham Real '54 pickups Volume, Neck and Middle Tone, and Blender Pot $385 Retail $315...
  3. Mr Bones

    Various Humbuckers: WB, WCR, Gibson

    WCR Darkburst neck pickup: $110 Shipped WB Custom Pickup. Will Boggs made this neck PU for me. Nice woody sound. $90 Shipped. Gibson BB1: $75 shipped. PM for interest.
  4. Mr Bones

    Z Wreck Head F/S

    Selling just the head. Z Wreck with the maple front. Perfect condition and very little use. $2299 plus $15 shipping. Comes with Amp cover, original box and paperwork. Willing to consider trades for Fender Custom Shop relic.
  5. Mr Bones

    F/S Dr Z Z Wreck Head and Cab

    I have a Dr Z Z Wreck head and matching cabinet for sale in perfect condition. $2700 shipped or FTF in Knoxville, Nashville, or Chattanooga. PM for interest.
  6. Mr Bones

    F/S Don Mare Twangzilla Bridge Tele PU

    For Sale, Don Mare Bridge Twangzilla (now called "Blackzilla"). PM for interest. $94 shipped.
  7. Mr Bones

    Galaxy Wireless in ear system AS-1100T

    Galaxy Wireless transmitter and receiver. Both in great working condition. Barely used (2 gigs). Also have the rack mount plate. $235 Shipped to your door. PM for interest.
  8. Mr Bones

    FMR RNP Preamp

    FMR RNP two channel Preamp $335 shipped. email nick.morgan @ or PM
  9. Mr Bones

    Royer R-101 Ribbon Mic

    I have a perfect condition Royer R-101 mic, that I've used for twice. Bought for recording guitar. Great royer tones at affordable ribbon price. $625 shipped conus. email nick.morgan @ or PM
  10. Mr Bones

    FS Fender Princeton Reverb Reissue

    Like new condition. Used for less that 5 hours of playing. I'm going digital :shock: Will include two speakers. The original and a Weber DT10 (The derek trucks model speaker). Still have all the original tags and paperwork. I bought this as a practice amp this fall, but just haven't used it...
  11. Mr Bones

    Gold Leaf finish

    Hi Guys, been away for a while. I'm working on a gold leaf telecaster. I have the body built and ready to go, but to be honest I have no clue how to proceed with the gold leafing. Any advice would be much appreciated. My plan at this point is to fill and seal the wood with an oil based filler...
  12. Mr Bones

    Handbuilt Chambered LP

    I built this a few years ago and made a thread about it in the luthier section. The pictures are down now, but I have them on an old hard drive and will dig them up this weekend. For now though I have a few shots: Price is set to move. I've got a custody battle going on and selling everything...
  13. Mr Bones

    2001 58' Dave Johnson Refin

    I never thought I would sell this guitar, but life's thrown some curveballs. Below are pics of a 2001 1958 reissue with upgrades. The first is that it was sent to Dave Johnson Restorations for a top refin and replacement inlays. The first pic below is the guitar immediately after finishing. I...
  14. Mr Bones

    8GB iPod Touch

    This is the latest iPod touch with the Retina Display, HD video recording, facetime, etc. I got this from a sales meeting so the only difference from a stock one is the sales logo engraved on the back (pictured). These are $229 from the apple store plus shipping and tax. I'm selling this one...
  15. Mr Bones

    Two Strat necks. One Big head, one RW fingerboard

    I've got two strat necks for sale. One is an original Fender '67 reissue neck that I refinished and replaced the logo with the Big headstock logo. I kept the original date stamp. Laquer is old style and lightly weather checked. I also replanned the board to 12" radius to play more like a Gibson...
  16. Mr Bones

    Some Luthier's IBEX planes

    I have one Ibex Palm Plane. $167 new on stew mac; Selling for $99 shipped. Blade is in great condition. I have barely used this. and one 25 mm convex finger plane; great for carving details or in tight places. Blade is in great condition. Sells new for $57 on stew mac; selling for $25.
  17. Mr Bones

    Burstbuckers and Fralins for sale

    I have one zebra burstbucker #1 ALNICO V neck PU $70 shipped: One zebra bursbucker #2 ALNICO V bridge PU $70 shipped: One Fralin tele bridge PU Blues hybrid $70 shipped: PM for interest.
  18. Mr Bones

    Question for the Pro Repair Guys

    I've a question about drop filling. Im painting a double-bound telecaster that I started an eon ago. I got the color coats on yesterday, but realized that I've got some minor gaps in the binding that were not visible until the lacquer went on. I want to drop fill them so that everything is nice...
  19. Mr Bones

    1941 Gibson EH-125 Lap Steel

    Gotta sell some stuff. First up is a 1941 Gibson EH-125. Sounds wonderful. I changed the pots, and cap, and the knobs are gibson speed knobs. Also, the tuners crumbled, so I put new tips on. I still have the original crumbly knobs though. Comes with original case. Really cool guitar. $400 +...
  20. Mr Bones

    1956 CS Relic Stratocaster

    Up for sale is a 1956 Relic strat. I bought this new from Dave's Guitar Shop last summer. It has the 9.5 radius neck, weighs in at a svelt 7.64lbs, an has some beautiful wood grain to it. Body and neck are lightly aged, rather than the over the top look. Guitar sounds great, and I will add some...

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