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    What Epiphone pickups are these? Braided wire?

    I bought a set of Epiphone ProBuckers off a chinese seller on eBay a year ago for $49. They were the real deal. While it’s possible to fake a set of Epiphone ProBuckers, the time and effort to make the ones in question leads you to believe they are the real deal. It’s possible. But who would...
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    Pick Up Height

    Watch Uncle Joes video. I start with the pickup heights fairly low then adjust up from there until it sounds like Awesome.
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    Going to check out a Les Paul today

    I’m jealous of you folks being able ot walk into a GC and walk out with a guitar. I should have learned to play right handed guitars instead of lefties.
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    Need help with identifying whether or not this is a good buy (2020 Goldtop P90)

    Walk. Plenty to be had for $1200-1500. A Tribute can be had for $500
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    Burstbuckers vs 57 classics

    BB2/1 in a 50’s Les Paul, BB61’s in a 60’s Les Paul. 57 classics in an SG
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    2020 Gibson LP Traditional PRO V Mahogany Top

    Wish they made that vintage mahogany top one in left handed..
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    Translucent Cherry Classic has arrived... Any owners?

    My Classic has the Gibson 61s which really sounded nice in the LP. I didn’t have the same great tone with those pickups in an SG. To me the 61s have that vintage PAF tone with a bit more bite, but that bite is tamed by the larger LP body compared to the SG. I didn’t care about the push pulls but...
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    Dawsons Music Update.

    Sorry mate that’s crap. Maybe small claims court? Might be worth the court fee to get your money back.
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    Dawsons Music Update.

    Shit happens. Covid blew up a lot of businesses. They definitely owe you the 200 tho regardless of the new owners or not.
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    Translucent Cherry Classic has arrived... Any owners?

    I had one (2020) - swapped the bridge pickup for a T-Top clone - sold the guitar for financial reasons - wishing I didn’t do that. Great guitar you’ll love it.
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    New Threads

    Have you considered black top hat knobs with gold inserts? That might just work with that top. Also consider burstbucker 2/3 combo or a TTop bridge and burstbucker 1 neck.
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    My 60's Standard Has Returned

    I keep whatever nut is installed unless I can’t make it work for me. Then it’s Bone. Bone is an excellent choice. You’re right it’s absolutely an improvement
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    Burstbucker Pro is awful!

    Magnet swap. Put in alnico II magnets. Bam! Now you have Burstbucker 3.
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    Us lefties don't get to get these too often

    I have found Gibson catered to lefties in 2013, 2017-2020 pretty nicely. The 2017-8 models can be had in lefty or righty in almost every lineup including Explorers and Flying Vs. Prior to that I think lefties were much more of a limited run for a week or two at the factory.
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    Mojo overdose. My battered 92

    You know the original pic is real. Just look at that CRT and white box computer in the background!
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    Newbe with question about pups.

    Turn your guitar tone knobs down to 5. Try it. It’s the cheapest mod you’re ever going to have. I recommend Vineham 6070s. They are Gibson T Top clones which would be the pickups Used in the 70s.I have personally used those pick ups through an Origin 20 amp and they sound amazing
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    NGD: 2013 Gibson LPJ Pro

    I think the Pro versions were GC/MF special runs of the LPJ model. Much nicer with proper pickup covers. And someone posted above, the maple necks are the secret weapon. Didn’t realize how much I liked the maple necks until I didn’t have one. Just picked up a 2013 LPJ for $500 because of the...
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    Why don't LPJ 2013 pickups have the Gibson USA symbol? (490R 498T)

    I just pulled a set from a 2013 LPJ and they only had the Gibson USA stamped onto the metal backing plate. No stickers or date tags. No model info. I measured the output and i’m confident they are the 498/490 combo. I’ve seen SGJ come with stickers on the pickups but the two or three I went...
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    Neck Pickup Epiphany

    I don’t measure mine. I just start it low and adjust by ear from there. They are usually just above or even with the pickup ring which works well for my amp and setup.
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    Question on new case and pickups for my The Paul

    If you want to keep your Gibson all Gibson, a 490 with an alnico 5 magnet is the ticket to T-Top heaven.

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