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  1. Skeletor

    Diversity training

    I took his comment as a bit of sarcasm - kind of highlighting how the nazi label has been thrown around lately?
  2. Skeletor

    The Stock Market Thread (no politics)

    Good info. At this point I am slightly less than 13 years away from the magic retirement (at 65) - no way in hell I see myself being able to retire at 65 though. The preservation of capital has been a problem (problem started around the same time I got married... coincidence?). But -back on...
  3. Skeletor

    The Stock Market Thread (no politics)

    Bumping this one to the top with my loosely related question.... What "type" of mutual funds would you guys be looking at for long term retirement growth? By "type" - looking for general thoughts on funds/industries/countries to be looking at. I need to kick some cash in to my RRSP (Canadian...
  4. Skeletor

    Blind Faith was no supergroup it was Steve Winwood's platform

    That clip of Winwood by the fire is one of my go to YouTube videos. Always helps me relax
  5. Skeletor

    Craigslist “flagged for removal”. WTF???

    When dealing with insanity.... things can easily escalate beyond what even a Tele can handle... best to maintain a wide berth
  6. Skeletor

    Craigslist “flagged for removal”. WTF???

    Got me thinking.... anyone ever met the guy? Seems like somebody should show some interest in his crap just to get an idea what you are dealing with. Probably not worth the risk though :(
  7. Skeletor

    Is this thing an otter?

    Vicious little bastards (looks are deceiving) Years ago one got in to the chicken coop on my uncle's farm - I think it killed 25 adult chickens that night. Small hole chewed through at the base of the chickens skull if memory serves
  8. Skeletor

    Is this thing an otter?

    Mink maybe?
  9. Skeletor

    DIY Classic arcade/video games?

    I did purchase a Raspberry Pi a few years back for another project that I eventually abandoned... likely too old and underpowered for this though? (Pi2 or B or something like that)
  10. Skeletor

    DIY Classic arcade/video games?

    Damn - that Pandora machine looks like exactly what I was hoping to build. No DIY (so I'd have to queue up some other mind distraction to DIY) but better value than the path I was planning.
  11. Skeletor

    DIY Classic arcade/video games?

    Damn - that might get me most of the way there. Just need the ROMS for the actual games (likely easy via a bit of search as well) and a couple controllers ($50 CDN for the pieces on Amazon so I can build 2 USB controllers with joystick)
  12. Skeletor

    No blathering product demo vids

    Kind of thread hijack but sort of related :) Been watching some of this guy's stuff lately: He pulls stuff apart and talks about the quality (or lack of) and how it works In my head I imagine this guy is like the Canadian version of...
  13. Skeletor

    DIY Classic arcade/video games?

    Recently got an idea in my head that I'd like to revive some of the classic video games (probably just looking for something interesting to do that will help me to avoid reading the news - I find myself drifting back to MSM and I need to avoid that to keep my stress levels at a reasonable level)...
  14. Skeletor

    Tell me about your Furnace

    I had a high efficiency Carrier put in back in 2005. It has a variable speed fan that I leave idling on low 365 days a year (it kicks in to higher speed when required) - so 15 years of Calgary winters and it is still going strong (probably take a huge dump and need replacement now that I said...
  15. Skeletor

    Dealing With Arthritis

    I need to give thanks to the OP as this thread opened my eyes to the possible risks associated with Voltaren. I never gave it any thought - treated it like any "heat rub" (like Tiger Balm) - slathered it on thick assuming that it must be better than eating Advil. Did a bit of reading and tossed...
  16. Skeletor

    Dealing With Arthritis

    The Voltaren gel stuff affects your guts? Damn, I didn't know that was an issue. I dig out a tube of the stuff when my knees start to act up... I probably need to pay more attention to any correlation with my gut flare ups.
  17. Skeletor

    Cupcake? Heresy? Pony? 4 stacks of plexi?

    The LP junior the one in Edmonton with no photo? I've been looking for some "retail therapy" but nothing locally at L&M caught my eye. Kinda want a Firebird but can't justify that kind of expense
  18. Skeletor

    If you could only have one right now, drum sander or planer?

    Bit of a thread bump as my little brain triggered on a post in the backstage... Not sure how serious he was but... @Bigfoot410 mentioned he may be wanting to unload a shopsmith. Roxy is building up a workshop... I think you are both in Ohio? Maybe something worth discussing...
  19. Skeletor

    I guess I'm building a Tele....

    Just thinking out loud... didn't Dave have a chunk of that fancy flamed maple neck wood?
  20. Skeletor

    SOLID brass Tune-O-Matic?

    If it is the Guitar fetish bridge.... tread carefully, if memory serves @DarrellV had to tap new threads for the bridge studs (Not sure what the difference was from stock). Guessing that the stock tailpiece won't be a drop in either - looks like someone moved the treble side anchor?

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