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  1. Prometheus

    Hey let's talk about wristwatches ok?

    Since I'm at a site occupied with lots of guys loving collecting things... So how about watches? I guess I start then, this is what I'm wearing right now!
  2. Prometheus

    I just want to clear something about LPC

    Silverburst is the best color and my LPC sounds best in the whole world :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Have a nice day!
  3. Prometheus

    RD artist & Baked granadillo

    So a while back I tried out an RD artist (2018), what do you guys think about the model? I can't decide I like it or not, plus, I feel sooo iffy about active PUs, I mean what's up with that? What's wrong with those standard PUs??? and it had granadillo fretboard, what do you guys think about...
  4. Prometheus

    So... what is this?

    Ehm, hey guys, I'm back... (difficulty logging in and all that) So, I stumbled upon this guitar today, everybody knows it isn't custom, despite what truss rod cover says. (And n00bs at this particular auction house say) So, here's the conundrum what could it be? I don't think it's chibson...
  5. Prometheus

    What is bullet wood anyway?

    Now that tax return has arrived and all, makes me think of "Why not a new guitar?" Those who know me know that I've said "I'm saving up for a kemper" and "I don't need more guitars" Yeah yeah, but buying an amp is not as fun as buying a new guitar XD So... I'm looking at a LP right...
  6. Prometheus

    Cupcake? Heresy? Pony? 4 stacks of plexi?

    Since Alvin thread was closed...
  7. Prometheus

    Semi GAS on Sunken Treasure

    So... I told you that my guitar buying days are over yeah? It still is, kinda? Then I stumbled upon this oddity called Les Paul sunken treasure, anyone tried it? How does it sound? Anyone knows?
  8. Prometheus

    The Ugliest Les Paul Finish?

    This is a discussion thread, pictures welcome! Now, I've been thinking, lots of people do have different opinions regarding how a Les Paul should look like, and what's attractive, and what's not. Some may say Iguana burst is the ugliest finish, while some other may find TV yellow super ugly...
  9. Prometheus

    Just wanna brag some (Pic heavy)

    So the other day, sun was up, and I felt like taking some photos So here they are! What's up with the wrong orientation of pics? They are right side up on my PC....
  10. Prometheus

    Something fishy this way comes Gather around people! Now let me get this first, I'm not looking to buy a new guitar right now, I PROMISE!!! XDDD And me being knowledgeable? HAHAHA, not even close. But I think this one is super fake, what do you guys...
  11. Prometheus

    Color fading?

    Everyone knows red dye will fade into yellow, as in sunburst turning to lemon drop. Now I have a manhattan midnight, any clue what color it will fade into? Current color
  12. Prometheus

    Laney - Chrome o zone

    So, I got my eyes of this amp, anyone got it? What kind of sounds do I get from it?
  13. Prometheus

    NGD and happy birthday to me! (Contains silverburst)

    So today is my birthday! So I have to get something for me right? Say hello to Eclipse (aka Thirty seven & 3) I know the unfortunate naming with same name by ESP... but anyway... Here are some pics, and soundbite! (Excuse my sloppy playing :S) P.S. Silverburst? More like goldburst, am...
  14. Prometheus

    LPC silverburst 79

    Hey folks! So, right now I'm GASsing for a Les Paul custom in silverburst from 79, despite buying a LP trad last year, the seller is asking around 3k USD for it. The condition of it seems, ok, with some checkings on the body tho, and as it seems, it's loaded with T-top pups. Am I the only one...
  15. Prometheus

    Where will Gibson be in -insert a random number- years?

    Inspired by another thread, with guitar players declining and Gibson is start getting irrelevant to some degree, where will Gibson be in -insert a random number- years? It feels like Gibson will be owned by Hoshino Gakki (owner of Ibanez) or something in 50 years time... at least QC will much...
  16. Prometheus

    I don't need another Les Paul! (Trad Pro 2)

    So some of you know, I bought a 14 Trad rather recently and stupid as I am, I was browsing for used guitar today (why are we doing this ourselves anyway) and stumbled upon Trad Pro 2 in champagne finish, what a looker! (Yes I love odd colors on LP) So I'm wondering what kind of tone would I...
  17. Prometheus

    P90 vs 59 Tribute

    So some of you may know that I've a R0 LP special loaded with P90s and until recently, I always found PAFs lack the clarity and tone definition I loved with P90s, muddy if you will Along comes the 14 LP trad (loaded with 59 tribute), and sure the tone differs a bit, but it's pretty close to...
  18. Prometheus

    Aversion of letting other touch my guitars

    I don't know why I feel this way, but I don't like other touching my guitars, esp Gibson, right now, I've 2 Les Pauls, 1 Tele and some other misc guitars. I'm totally fine my friends (even those who can't play anything if their lives depended on it) picking up Tele and other guitars, but I...
  19. Prometheus

    NGD! : Contains LP Trad 2014

    Hi good folk, long time! So... I bought a new guitar the other day. Say hello to Azura, she is LP Trad 2014 Manhattan Midnight. Bought her used, with dings and all, and her stripes aren't nothing remarkable, but woah she sure screams in a 59 fashion. It's truly remarkable! Here's her pic...
  20. Prometheus

    Which one would you pick? Ibanez VS ESP

    in the right corner, we have a beaten Ibanez artist AR100 from 81 with swapped pups (unknown) in the left corner, we have a pristine ESP Eclipse (with 4 ctrl knobs) with also swapped pups (Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB at the bridge and Gibson HB-R at neck) Now, which one would you personally pick...

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