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  1. boola1

    2018 vs 2019 Custombuckers

    Has anybody been able to compare the >2019 Custombuckers with 2018? I know the difference in feel that the unpotted buckers provide and I love it but how about the tone? Are the 2019 Custombuckers also a lot brighter? I'm reading all sorts of contradictory things on the net.
  2. boola1

    NGD: 68 reissue reissue

    I've had this for a few months but never did a NGD becasue I wanted to do a vid. Well, I had a rare 10mins after work today, cranked it up loud and let out some stress. It's sloppy, full of mistakes etc but was lots of fun anyway! I didn't really demo the best part of this guitar, it sings so...
  3. boola1

    2013 vs 2019 top carve

    My 2019 (68 reissue) has a flatter carve than my 2013 R8, meaning the 2019's bridge sits higher on the posts. I thought I read somewhere that they're all CNC'd nowadays, is it true that all recent models have a flatter carve than a few years ago or is it still a bit random? :) Thanks
  4. boola1

    What am I missing?

    How is this worth $9300?
  5. boola1

    Are Lifton cases always hard to close when new?

    It's the first time I've bought a new reissue - 2019 '68 reissue. The padding on the case lid for the neck/fretboard is so fat/stiff that the case is harder to close than I think it should be, you have to push with reasonable force to be able to latch the case up. Is this normal? Obligatory pic:
  6. boola1

    Tobacco vs Kindred burst

    What's the difference between the two? Is there a difference? Every thread needs pics. Here's my 2013 Kindred
  7. boola1

    68 Custombuckers vs regular Custombuckers

    Hi, Does anybody know the difference(s) between the 68 Custombuckers and the Custombuckers used in the R8 & R9s? I guess the 68s are potted although there's nothing for sure on the Gibson site. Thanks
  8. boola1

    Why so much treble reduction with volume roll off?

    I re-wired my previous regular USA Les Pauls to 50s wiring because I don't like treble to roll off with volume. My 2 R8s both have 50s wiring from the factory but the treble roll off is huge as I reduce the volume. Does anyone know why this is and if it can be changed? Thanks
  9. boola1

    What Were They Thinking?

    Yuck! 2017 Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop 1958 Reissue classic white over cherry burst aged finish.
  10. boola1

    2017 vs 2013 historic

    I know some people will laugh but genuine question... I'd love to hear people's opinions on whether the all hide glue construction on the 2017 models is a genuine improvement on the neck-only hide glue build of the 2013 model?
  11. boola1

    Crazy Crazy money for a run of the mill USA model. You can get an R8 for this.
  12. boola1

    What makes the reissues so good?

    I've been through a few Les Pauls, Standards and Studios but was blown away when I played my first reissue. I think that most people who've played them will tell you that the reissues are fantastic intruments and objectively better that the regular USA models. Being a scientist, I started to...
  13. boola1


    New Kindred Day! Well, it's not new. It's an R8 from 2013 in Kindred burst. I confess that I bought this online based purely on it's looks - not clever I know! Luckily it does sound great, obviously honeymoon period now but can easily see myself noodling on it for hours at a time. Weighs just...
  14. boola1

    Tried a no load tone pot

    I just installed a no load tone pot into my beloved Flying V. The guitar didn't really get much brighter, it just changed in a way you would expect with a shorter signal path. The improvement in clarity, detail and harmonic content was surprisingly great. I highly recommend this to the kind of...
  15. boola1

    What make of pots in my R8?

    I think I know the answer based on searching the forum but wanted to double check. The pots in my 2013 R8 have no markings on them as far as I can see. Are they likely CTS made? As an aside, I don't like the taper on these volumes, they are like an on-off switch from 10-7 and then very little...
  16. boola1

    ebay suggests Chibsons

    Was looking at this listing At the bottom, ebay sponsored suggestions: So ebay not only allowing fakes but promoting them. Good stuff! Another thing, if you click on the...
  17. boola1

    NGD: 2013 R8 VOS in Iced Tea

    Just got this beauty. I was looking for a 9lb+ R8 with a nice top, this one works for me :) It weighs ~9.1lb and sounds godly. I am pretty sure my Les Paul quest is over! I was a bit disturbed when I first played it, I was getting distortion (totally clean amp) on the bottom E & A strings when...
  18. boola1

    Lower action after top wrapping?

    Hi, The tailpiece on my Les Paul is decked. I thought I'd try top wrapping to see how it changed things. After changing the strings, the first thing I noticed when I put my hands on the strings was a lower action and I can even see the difference. I can understand how the strings might feel...
  19. boola1

    How much does the maple cap weigh and how much does it vary?

    Does anybody know how much on average the maple cap weighs? It occurred to me that if chambered Les Pauls can still weigh in the 8-9lb range, it's possible that the maple cap is a significant part of the weight of a Les Paul. If that's the case, then if maple can vary in weight significantly...
  20. boola1

    I have a pickup that measures a DCR of 80K!

    Can anybody shed some light on this? I can't explain it at all. My 1994 flying V that I've had for ~20 years supposedly had the 500T 496R combo. I just replaced the 500T with a JB. I measured the DCR of all 3 pickups for a laugh. 500T - just over 16K JB - just under 16K 496R - 80K (!) I...

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