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  1. DanD

    WTB Pair of PAT Sticker Mini Humbuckers

    As the title says PM with what you've got. Thanks Dan
  2. DanD

    Certificate/Serial Number Book Discrepancy?

    I'm looking at a 2015 Historic Select '54 Reissue in a one-off color w/M2M specs. Thing is when I saw the Serial Number Booklet it's Ronald Eubanks' signature in it. Seeing as Rick Gembar and Edwin Wilson were still at Gibson, and running the show in 2015, why is the cert booklet denoting...
  3. DanD

    NGD Braz CR7

    My main man CR Dan (of fame) was kind enough to work me a deal on his recent M2M Braz CR7. I've bought a few really nice guitars (and amps) from Dan over the years and he is 1st class all the way. I first saw this beauty posted on his NGD and was blown away. I've been...
  4. DanD

    It's official, Henry has left the building... :cheers2:
  5. DanD

    Ben Harper & Charlie Musslewhite

    Saw BH and CM at the Gothic in Englewood, CO. last night. Lots of Gibson Historic action including a TV LP Sp with mini hums, a TV Jr., SG LP, and a R8/R9 LP. Pretty much a guitar extravaganza and CM killed it on the harp. Smokin covers of the Beatles Yer Blues and Zeps Levee. If you get a...
  6. DanD

    Murphy Aged/Painted and Brazilian

    So who'd pony up the extra $$$$$ for a Murphy painted or painted and aged Brazilian? The Murphy run seems to be doing well as does the Brazilian. Why not combine the two runs for something really special? Seems to me a no-brainer. :hmm:
  7. DanD

    NGD '58 Lightly Aged

    Well I finally put my mitts on it. This one came from MF and is two serial numbers higher (8 7571) than the highest repurposed CC29 I've seen at WW (8 7569). Appears to have been pulled from the aging station before Gibson finished the process. Seems Gibson were adamant about stopping the...
  8. DanD

    NGD '58 Std, VOS, TH, Aged, and LTD Run

    NGD '58 Std, VOS, TH, Aged, and LTD Run? So what was it supposed to be? Just received my '58 VOS Std '17 LP in 'orange fade' from Wildwood. From an in hand inspection there are more than a few specs which differ from the old Historic VOS and the current '17 '58 LP Standard' that Gibson...
  9. DanD

    New Murphy Painted and Aged w/new serial numbers?

    New Murphy's at WW have 9 1xxx serial numbers. What gives?

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