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    NGD bought this a few weeks ago 9 9125

    Murphy painted and aged 40th anniversary 59 reissue done for Vintage world ...This one plays and sounds as good as she looks. I've been kinda following this guitar for a long time and things fell together at the right time..
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    Sold Please Delete ...Thanks!

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    2015 Vic Dapra StickShift ..Bloomfield beautiful

    Mint condition 59 reissue Les Paul True Historic Stick Shift. #10 of 25 produced. Aged and lightly checked finish with a killer realistic top. Designed by the guru of burst Vic Dapra. Cool thing about these besides the Bigsby it's also drilled for studs and comes with studs and a stop tail...
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    2014 R8 Kentucky Fade (Bloomfield) 8.25lbs

    Very nice 2014 Gibson Benchmark historic les Paul R8 Gloss finish near mint condition.The neck on this one is .88 @ the first fret and the finish on the neck is thinner than most I've played..You can feel the grain of the wood. The guitar weighs 8lbs 4oz..comes with all tags and original brown...
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    Fender Relic 60 Strat seafoam matching headstock

    Nice Stratocaster, Looks greener in person Large C neck .880 at the first fret..made in 2012 but I bought it new last year ..never left my non-smoking house. nice weight at 7lbs 12oz Great looking dark fingerboard..The only reason i'm selling is I have 2 ...Beautiful bell like tone....Nails...
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    Cream Duncan Antiquity set

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    Gibson custom shop reissue case NEW!

    Sold !!
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    Custom buckers Plus rings and pots

    Sold !!
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    What camera to use to video your band?

    Looking to get a camera to shoot band videos to post online. What ones have the best sound quality...?
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    2014 R9 refinished

    Before it had a real nice top but the color was very washed out..alot lighter than this pic shows.
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    Murphy Burst FAT FLAMES

    2014 Murphy Shadow Burst one of 40 done for the Japanese market...perfect condition weighs 8lbs 7oz These 40 guitars were all painted by Tom Murphy. the woods used for the tops were hand selected only the best would do...and the mahogany was selected for the best weight.. comes with standard...
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    Monster top for sale !!

    WOW!!!! This is a mega top from one of the best years ever!!(1998 )for big tops. It is better than some of the best 59 reissues.. I've owned a few les pauls with huge tops and this one is going to be hard, if not impossible to replace...The perfect combination of Huge MONSTER TOP and almost...
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    2014 killer lemon

    Brand New guitar that took a strap pin hit...the guitar is perfect except some of the finish cracked and fell off...there is no damage to the wood. I thought about putting a bigsby on it. But a strap hides it..So here you can get a real nice R9 that has it's first hit and maybe the next won't be...
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    NGD RIbbon flame, some grain

    2014 R9
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    Pickguard is..........ON!

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    My R8 is back!!

    Just got my 1998 R8 back from Philtone...fresh refret and plek .while it was there I also added a set of Zebra Custom Buckers and a set of kim's inlays.To say Phil did an awesome job is an understatement. Before after
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    2014 R9 Bourbon burst

    Nice 2014 Bourbon (Brockburst) new out of the box 8lbs 12oz with a beautiful top very authentic top both color and flame!! Nice dark chocolate board .:applause: ..$4800.00 More pictures here 2014 Bourbon Burst Photos by lpflametop | Photobucket
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    PAF's and complete harness 1957

    I am selling this complete 1957 gibson wiring harness for a friend .It was removed from a 57 ES 350Teverything works fine the pots may be a little scratchy from years of sitting. The PAF pickups read 7.4K and 7.6K..Pickups are early 57 PAF's with the purple wire. double black. Please feel free...
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    2006 Taylor 914ce Fall Limited Edition. MUST SEE WOODS!!

    2006 Taylor 914ce Fall Limited Edition. Engleman top, Cocobolo and Sap Wood back and sides. Ebony bridge, fingerboard, headstock overlay and tuner buttons. Cindy fretboard inlay. On board electronics. Flame Maple binding both sides of body, neck and headstock. Tons of Abalone binding and...

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