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  1. boola1

    trade in or not

    Which sounds better? The Slash model or the Traditional? Keep the best, sell the other.
  2. boola1

    Brand new R7 VOS headstock scratches?

    It's is normal for a 6 month old guitar. Check it again in 6 months!
  3. boola1

    Slash fans.....Holy Schnikies !!

    You're assuming somebody is going to buy it!
  4. boola1

    First Les Paul - would you return because of this?

    I fear your quest will not be complete until you get a historic.
  5. boola1

    NGD 58 reissue, I think it's a rare one??

    Yeah, that is weird looking! I can see why it stayed in the shop but to me, it's not too terrible :) That said, looks are the least important thing to me about a guitar. If it sounds killer and it was cheaper than the others, I would also buy it. Congrats and enjoy!
  6. boola1

    2018 vs 2019 Custombuckers

    Has anybody been able to compare the >2019 Custombuckers with 2018? I know the difference in feel that the unpotted buckers provide and I love it but how about the tone? Are the 2019 Custombuckers also a lot brighter? I'm reading all sorts of contradictory things on the net.
  7. boola1

    Does owning a great model of a guitar make you want a second one?

    OMG very sorry to hear about the fire, that's is one of my worst nightmares. I've only bought more Les Pauls or Historics to see if I can find a better one. I've never owned more than 1 or 2. I don't have the money or space to keep guitars that I don't play lying around, especially Historics...
  8. boola1

    I need advice. Buying my first Black Beauty.

    Have you played an R7? The all mahogany body might not give the Les Paul tone that you're expecting. There is also a 68 Reissue which is a black beauty but with the maple cap. It does have a thinner neck than the R7 though. Gibson do a made to measure program. You can spec the guitar (within...
  9. boola1

    68 Custombuckers vs regular Custombuckers

    Thanks. I bought it in the middle of 2020 from Coda Music. They were the only ones in Europe with one in stock and actually they had 2! It's a 2019 model but the spec is exactly the same as 20&21. The only difference is about $1000 :)
  10. boola1

    Pearly DNA

    The neck angle on Pearly looks greater than your average reissue judging by how high the bridge and pickups are. Either that or Billy likes crazy high action? And the intonation on Pearly... They do a much better job of that nowadays :) Not that any of that prevents Pearly from being a tone...
  11. boola1

    68 Custombuckers vs regular Custombuckers

    OK since I now own a 68 reissue, I can answer my own question. Maybe it'll come in useful for somebody. The 68 humbuckers are lower output than the Custombuckers. The Alnico II magnets in the 68s give a noticeably spongier bottom end with a sweeter top end. The 68s do have more honk to them as...
  12. boola1

    NGD Brazilian bought from Dave’s

    Can you tell a difference tonally from the Brazilian board?
  13. boola1

    Did Historic hardware change in 2018?

    ps, refret after less than 2 years. That is clearly a great guitar :) backed up by what your luthier said. Well done :dude:
  14. boola1

    Think i just lined up a good deal. How much value does not having COA remove?

    No COA has a positive effect on value when combined with passing it off as a reissue when it's not :)
  15. boola1

    Did Historic hardware change in 2018?

    Do you mean your luther used hide glue for the frets? The Gibson site says hide glue for all the guitar construction - Neck, fretboard and body joins but not how the frets are glued:
  16. boola1

    My first issue with any of my Historic Custom Shop LPs.

    Bear in mind that double thumbwheels kill some of the top end chime.
  17. boola1

    2004 R4 - evidence of BRW but out of range

    What are those black dots on the 18th and 16th frets? My R8 also has those.
  18. boola1

    2004 R4 - evidence of BRW but out of range

    It looks quite similar to my 2013 R8. What are those black dots on the 18th and 16th frets? My R8 also has those.
  19. boola1

    NGD: 68 reissue reissue

    Here you go. My ears are ringing :)
  20. boola1

    NGD: 68 reissue reissue

    No, they haven't gone for a fretless wonder. I haven't examined the frets but I haven't noticed any difference to my 2013 R8.

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