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    Man murders his neighbors in the street

    When i was young the neighbors down a few houses had adjoining driveway separated by a short chain link fence. One year they got into a kerfluffle about snow shoveling. Ended up arrested and being taken to emergency room as they were still battling it out with the shovels when the cops arrived...
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    Ugly new car

    It is alot of fun. Its an 8 speed auto. Wonderful trans and I love the autostick shifting. Wish it was a manual but my left hip was making a clutch debilitating. Much more roomy and comfortable. If you have any longings for a V8 get one while you still can
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    Ugly new car

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    Ugly new car

    Dont tempt me.
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    Ugly new car

    Thanks everyone. Its nice to be back in a V8. My last 2 Mustangs were 6 cylinders.
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    Ugly new car

    Green Go. One year only color. Only 383 challengers in green go. Thats Sassy Grass Green for you older gearheads. I was just a baby in 1970.
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    Ugly new car

    LOL Definitely leaving it as is. Gotta put the TA stripes back on it.
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    Ugly new car

    I traded my Mustang in on this. Man ima gonna have to paint it brown or something.
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    Bunch of other guitars

    It is a wonderful guitar. It does not get played as much but I just cant let it go.
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    Warmoth "2020" Guitars

    Yep that black strat is a badazz.
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    Ernie Ball Sub AX3

    I had a red one and a blue one. They did rock wonderfully and were fun to play. I stupidly sold those 2 thinking I would get a real one. Then I found out how much they cost. Yeah, gave up that dream.
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    Bunch of other guitars

    A recent family photo since I have not done one in a while.
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    NGD - LP Modern Sweetwater Exclusive

    Most of the modern finishes i dont like. But that one reminds me of blood in water. Very cool.
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    Valuing Signature models

    Wonderful boneyard. Too rich for me after just buying a prophecy. Should of kept the one i got for 500 five years ago. But someone made an offer i could not refuse. Good luck with the sale
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    Valuing Signature models

    How much you want for the boneyard?
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    Cheapest new guitar with?

    Holy zombie thread. Back from the dead. Only 10 years old. :dude:
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    NGD: 2015 PRS S2 Custom 24, Whale Blue

    Beautiful guitar. I was there on saturday buying my prophecy.
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    NGD Prophecy 2020

    I have not opened it up yet to check. I have read that they are fishman proprietary settings exclusive to these epis so it would make sense. The cutaway on the back helps but it is not as easy or comfortable as my neck through guitars.
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    Late NGD Harley Benton Amarok

    The reviews have been very good for HBs. Even the ones who are not paid endorsers. And the specs on this thing are legendary. Neck through construction, ebony fretboard, active EMGs, stainless frets, and locking tuners. The build quality is everything that I have heard it was. Just a great...
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    NGD Prophecy 2020

    I sold a guitar saturday and was going to order an aged dark burst 59. GC did not have any in stock. I wandered over to the Les Paul wall and this caught my eye. It wasn't even on my radar but the second it was in my hands I got that tingle. Fishman pickups. Ebony board, tummy cut, locking...

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