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    PLEKing an Epi?

    Speaking from experience, about ten years ago I bought a nice used Epiphone Trad Pro Les Paul cheap. It was a nice guitar but it played like an off the shelf Epi. So, I installed a Tone Pros Bridge and sent the Epi out to a little guitar store in Santa Monica, CA to have a bone nut installed and...
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    2008 Studio - grovers as standard?

    If the price is right, buy it!
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    Epiphone 2009 vs 2020 Les Paul 1959 Standard

    Do the 2020 Epiphone Les Paul's have a long neck tenon like the 1960 V3 Standard?
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    Les Paul 1960 Tribute Plus - model year?

    Does the neck have a long neck tenon? Do you have a pic of the neck pickup cavity?
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    Les Paul 1960 Tribute Plus - model year?

    Have you actually read the QR Code?
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    Half moon washer moving?

    A little light grease or beeswax on the truss rod bearing suface and on the threads also help minimize the torsional load on the truss rod. Do not over do the grease though as it will soak into and damage the wood.
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    If you ever find this, buy it!

    Did someone misspell Wood??
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    James Hetfield EMG's

    You might want to try a little Deoxit on the pots, and while you are in there, look at the solder joints for hairline cracks.
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    Mysterious Greco Super Real

    Thanks for the info, I wish I could read Japanese!! The sticker does appear to be a poorly made replica of a genuine Greco sticker, but why someone would go to all of that trouble to put on a model number that never existed is a little weird. But on the bright side, the guitar is awesome. I...
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    Mysterious Greco Super Real

    When I received the guitar, the electronics were totally butchered, and the pickups replaced. In the process of butchering, they managed to badly burn the walls of the control cavity with their soldering iron. When I repaired the electronics I painted the control and pickup cavities with...
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    Mysterious Greco Super Real

    What are the specs on a 1982 Greco EG-59 45? Anyone have a link? The sticker is kinda tripping me out, does anyone have a picture of a 1982 EG-59 45 neck sticker?
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    Samick LSRC-402 89-90 Korean made

    The Samick you are looking at is as good, if not much better than any other new guitar at that pricepoint. The Samick is at the bottom of its appreciation cycle and will do nothing but appreciate in value over the years, not that it will ever be a super expensive collector guitar in our...
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    Samick LSRC-402 89-90 Korean made

    I have a "The Samick" Les Paul copy of about that vintage. Mine has a long neck tenon and a small, thin neck. Maybe too small for me, but I have fairly big hands. Build quality is good, however the pickups and pots are typical Korean stuff. I would say for the price, you cant go too far wrong. I...
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    Mysterious Greco Super Real

    OK, here are some pics. Keep in mind that when I purchased it a couple of years ago the pickup rings and pick guard were creme, I also installed the black reflector knobs and pickups. It was advertised on the 'Bay as a "1982 Greco Super Real Guitar". Any help would be appreciated. Maybe the...
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    Mysterious Greco Super Real

    No, the sticker definitely says "950", not 450 no mistake there. Head stock has open "O" Greco MOP inlay with "Super Real Model". The neck is long tenon with ink stamped serial 2 11XX or maybe 2 44XX or 2 14XX with "Greco Deluxe" Kluson style tuners, with Gibson style truss rod adjustment. Three...
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    Mysterious Greco Super Real

    Not to hijack this thread, but I have a old Greco "Super Real" LP with with a three piece top, no fret nibs, bone nut and rectangular shaped silver / black sticker on the back of the head stock that states "950". Sadly the pickups had been changed and the electronics butchered before I bought...
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    EVH dead at 65

    Eddie Van Halen has inspired, and will continue to inspire generations. RIP Sir.
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    NGD HELP: Solder burns in control cavity?

    A while back I bought a Greco LP that had horrible wiring and unbelivebly scortched to charcoal burn marks in the control cavity. Some new pick ups, aftermarket pots, wiring harness, some shielding paint and copper shielding, all is well now. The guitar had been played extensively and was...
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    LP Standard 60s questions

    As far as the neck binding goes, it's the nature of a handmade guitar and its supposed to be like that. That is what makes it unique, and a Gibson. Just kidding, send it back!!!!
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    Odd Greco(?) Les Paul Custom

    If it were my guitar, I would just leave well enough alone and be happy with my Jibson, Nipson, Japson, or whatever the hell it is......After all, that inlay or whatever it is looks to have been there a long time and is part of the history of that particular guitar.

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