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    String Brands....

    I went from the EB Slinky’s to the heavy top skinny bottoms and LOVE them. I do a lot of drop D and have found the lower end to play very nicely.
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    It was so thirsty

    You hit the nail on the head!! It is a bonding process. I truly don’t mind doing it.
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    It was so thirsty

    That’s exactly what I did. Now, a few days later, she seems to be drying out again. Maybe she sucked it all in to help the rest of the wood under the surface.
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    It was so thirsty

    Bought a ‘20 60’s Standard last week. I’m in love! It’s obvious where I purchased it. I had them do a setup on it so I wouldn’t need to fiddle much with it. They did an awesome job! My only gripe with the guitar was how dry the finger board was. It was so dry that my microfiber rag would...
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    Nickel what???

    Thank you so much. Can’t wait to see it worn in several years down the road.
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    Nickel what???

    Have been lurking the forum for quite some time and haven’t found what I’ve been looking for. Recently picked up a 2020 LP 60’s Standard. The specs say the hardware is nickel. What’s considered hardware? Tuners, screws, pickup covers, etc? Sorry for the noob question. I don’t want to duplicate...
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    Decent padded strap?

    I would check Amazon for the KLIQ Air Cell. It’s padded like a champ, 3” wide and comfortable for hours.
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    The best American band of the last 30 years...

    Has anyone given Adam Jones from Tool a good listen to recently? Especially their new album “Fear Inoculum.” My honest opinion is they’re the Pink Floyd of today from 13min songs to a phenomenal visual/light show. And their drummer Danny Carey... what a monster!!

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