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    Ugly new car

    I traded my Mustang in on this. Man ima gonna have to paint it brown or something.
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    Bunch of other guitars

    A recent family photo since I have not done one in a while.
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    Late NGD Harley Benton Amarok

    The reviews have been very good for HBs. Even the ones who are not paid endorsers. And the specs on this thing are legendary. Neck through construction, ebony fretboard, active EMGs, stainless frets, and locking tuners. The build quality is everything that I have heard it was. Just a great...
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    NGD Prophecy 2020

    I sold a guitar saturday and was going to order an aged dark burst 59. GC did not have any in stock. I wandered over to the Les Paul wall and this caught my eye. It wasn't even on my radar but the second it was in my hands I got that tingle. Fishman pickups. Ebony board, tummy cut, locking...
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    Cool things my wife made

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    NGD ESP LTD Elite ST 1

    Had my eye on this one for a few years. It was too expensive when it came out in 2013. I found a slightly used one at GC over the weekend. It may say LTD on the headstock but this is pure ESP. Real FR trem. Absolutely awesome materials and fit and finish. Made in the same Japanese factory that...
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    One more build

    I am building one last guitar. I have a new project car and will be spending some time with it. So I am going out with a bang on the guitars for now. Warmoth build. Black Korina body with high grade flame maple top. Black washed dye. Roasted Maple neck with a Clapton profile. Dimarzio...
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    NGD Ibanez

    I am in the middle of a project and did not need another guitar but this one was interesting enough for me to own. Ibanez S series. Super thin and light weight. Mahogany body with what they say is a quilt maple top with a Dragons Eye Burst. While not a traditional looking quilt I think its a...
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    Warmoth Blackguard on the Tele

    I bought this MIM tele like this (blue guard) with the original MIM neck. Frets were pretty beat so I sold the Tele neck. I had a Flame Maple Custom Warmoth Strat neck built for a high end Strat I was putting together. The neck is awesome but it just did not gel with any of the 3 Strats I put it...
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    Build a clone?

    Ok I have EBMM Luke III in a 2 tone Vintage Burst that I got a pretty good deal on. I LOVE this guitar and want another one. However, The REALLY nice BFRs are way too expensive for me. So I gonna build my own with Warmoth parts. I have a Roasted Maple 1 5/8 nut width Clapton profile on the...
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    Well GC finally did it.

    Yep they royally pissed me off with incompetence. Semi long story so here goes. I generally enjoyed going to GC the last 4 1/2 years. I saw a lot of dents and even got into an argument with one employee who got punked taking a non Fender bodied Strat in on trade thinking it was actual...
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    Sterling Axe3

    Picked this up just because I have been bitten by the EBMM bug and it was super cheap. No Floyd. Super cheap tremolo. Photo finish (its a sticker). But it has an awesome neck and the trick EBMM neck heel. Plays really well for a cheapo guitar. Has me gassing for a real Axis. Never should...
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    Why can I not find black 5 way switch screws?

    For my blacked out Strat. Am I looking in the wrong places. Any of you builders got a lead? The hardware store, I know. But I was hoping to just buy a new 5 way switch with black mounting screws. This should not be that hard.
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    Appreciation for great customer service.

    I ordered some picks from Gravity guitar picks. Some Razors in different flavors. Get the email the package is out for delivery. I can't wait. But I do, and I wait some more, and I wait some more. Days go by and they are still "out for delivery" I talk to USPS, they hem and they haw and outright...
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    Ibanez relic - New Old looking guitar day.

    Its one of the new for 2016 ASV10A TCLs. I have one of the AM93 guitars and it is stellar. This is the bigger body and Elite pickups. And its reliced. It amazes me that these guitars are priced as low as they are. They sound amazing, they play amazing, and they look amazing. In my opinion...
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    Thinking this could (should?) be enough.

    I need an intervention I think. I have been playing 4 years now. I practice everyday and I love being able to play guitar. Its very therapeutic for my anger issues. But I need to quit hoarding guitars. So.......what do you think I should get next? No Acoustics. Unless its a Taylor T5z...
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    NGD Luke III

    My first USA EBMM. Could not pass up the deal on this. I made up my mind in the first 2 minutes. I kept playing it trying to figure out which guitars I was going to sell. :laugh2: Really a great guitar and the deal kept me well under my personal resolution not to ever spend more than 1500 on...
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    Played a Wylde Audio Odin today.

    Say what you will about Zakk, Korean made Guitars, and Schecter, but this thing rocks. If you can get past the way it looks (I think its cool) it is a monster player for a thousand dollars. Thick Maple neck, Ebony board, TonePros bridge and locking stop bar, EMG 81 85, Just kick ass. Its...
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    New neck day

    This is for my very first custom build. This one is a 1 piece alder body from Warmoth that I did an ebony stain and lacquer satin finish. It has an HH setup with a 59 in the neck and a Dimebucker in the bridge. This neck was ordered with no finish. It is an Indian Rosewood board with...
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    Generation AXE Show

    Went to this on Friday night. Absolutely Freakin Awesome. Seeing Steve Vai, Yngwie, Nuno, Zakk, and Tosin Abasi on stage together was EPIC. I had given up on ever seeing Yngwie play in person. Nuno Bettencourt is absolutely THE most underrated guitar player EVER. He comes on stage with the...

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