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    Dean MAB2

    I recently purchased a lightly used DEAN MAB2. Dean guitars generally don't do much for me as I find they seem to be a little too Dime bag Darrel oriented. I bought this guitar because the graphics reminded me of my dad, after a quick truss rod adjustment I have found this guitar to be a rather...
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    Got my Epi Trad Pro Plekked

    Hey, I just been noodling around with my Epi Trad Pro, I just got it back today from sending it out to be Plekked and a bone nut installed. I installed a Tone Pros bridge and tailpiece just prior to sending it out. The guitar, prior to having anything done to it, had lots of string buzz and...
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    NGD 70's Electro Omega

    I recently picked up this Electro Omega LP type guitar. I bought it from the original owner with original case and factory instructions for the switch settings etc. The guitar has been in it's case for decades, and not really played much at all, the strings are corroded badly and the frets...
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    Where to get my Epi Plek'ed

    I recently picked up a Epi Trad Pro thats badly in need of a fret job. I was thinking of getting it Pleked. So, the question is, where to get it Plek'ed and set up in the Los Angeles CA. area?? Anybody have any horror storys of Plek jobs gone bad??
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    Anybody want a great deal on an Ace Frehley LP??

    I thought that I would share this jewel listed in C/L in the LA area. No, it's not mine, but I thought that it may be educational to post this as an example of a fake Epiphone Ace Frehley Les Paul. At least it looks fake to me, but what do I know?? Link: KISS ACE FREHLEY EPIPHONE GUITAR
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    Les Paul Custom Classic

    I stopped by Sam Ash yesterday and noodled with a Gibson Les Paul Custom Classic. I was not impressed, I just did not see, feel or hear a positive quality difference between it and some of the more expensive Epiphone Les Paul clones, like my 1960 Tribute. They would have let me have it for...
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    Epiphone Les Paul replacement plastic parts

    I thought that I would post this as a sort of FYI. I wanted to replace the cream pickup rings, selector switch and control cavity covers on my Chinese made Epiphone 1960 Tribute and Traditional Pro with black parts. I ordered these parts kits on Ebay from China, delivery to California took about...
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    RIP Dick Clark

    Another class act leaves us... I wonder how many musicians were somehow influenced in their early years by what they watched on American Bandstand.... Link: Dick Clark, Entertainment Icon Nicknamed 'America's Oldest Teenager,' Dies at 82 - ABC News

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