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    Inside markings 2020 Standard

    Just bought a 2020 Les Paul standard 60s off reverb. Guy had installed a Duncan Distortion which I didn’t really care for. Decided to put stock pickups back in and found the following markings inside. looks like they messed up in production, other goofy thing is the back is brown. I haven’t...
  2. J

    Looking for a serial number guitar

    I’m on a mission and could use some assistance. As some of you know I collect Gibson Les Pauls. I am currently on the hunt for a 2020, don’t care what color or what model but the serial number has to start 2153..... for those of you that don’t know Gibson went back to the old way when assigning...
  3. J

    2004 Les Paul Custom

    So I have a buddy who is willing to FINALLY sell me his Les Paul Custom. It is a 2004 model ebony. Gold hardware, i would say condition is an 8. The gold has "faded" a bit. He is asking $2500.00. If that a good price?
  4. J

    Gibson Store in Memphis

    Does anyone know if the Gibson store in Memphis sells for MSRP or street prices? If MSRP does anyone know of any other places in Memphis to get a Les Paul?
  5. J

    Need some advice

    I'm going to the Gibson Factory in late June to tour the factory and buy a Les Paul. I'm debating on either an Ebony Custom or a Standard Desert Burst. I'm not sure what the difference is between a normal Standard and a Standard traditional is. I play mostly Rock and Metal. I've been on this...

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